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Office 365 Mobile Service Delivery Management at the click of a button

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Tue, Jun 12, 2018

illuBlogMobileThe mobile workforce is taking over the traditional workforce organization in most industries, especially IT.

While this opens plenty of opportunities, it also comes with massive challenges for an IT organization. Now that services are delivered on devices that often are not under the maintenance of the company (BYOD), it is hard for IT to know if they are providing reliable delivery of the services, cloud or on-prem, that they provide. 

The second challenge comes with the rise of hybrid IT.  Users are also hybrid, connecting from traditional laptops or mobile devices on applications that are on-premises, hybrid or pure cloud. So, mobile service management is now intertwined with identity management.

This matter is becoming increasingly complex, as mobile services now account for 41% of the top cloud & hosting services delivered by management service providers and cloud services companies all over the world. 

At GSX, we specialize in monitoring Office 365 service delivery to end-user anywhere on the planet. To face these challenges, we offer a comprehensive monitoring solution that measures the health of hybrid identity management servers (ADFS, ADFS proxy, Azure AD, etc.), management device solutions (AirWatch, BlackBerry) as well as the true end-user experience for actual Office 365 service delivery.

Our unique GSX Robot Users simulate real mobile devices performing real actions in an Office 365 environment using the Active Sync protocol, such as opening mailboxes, sending email, downloading attachments, creating meetings, etc.

Active Sync User Experience

IT organizations that want control of their mobile service delivery deploy GSX Robot Users anywhere they want real-time measurement, live alerts, and historical statistics on the mobile service delivery performance (how long it takes a mobile phone to perform these actions). They can also obtain information on the hybrid infrastructure components that can cause issues (network, Mobile device management solutions, identity management etc.)

Mobile Service Management is a broader topic than most people expect. When GSX recently assisted a customer with mobile issues, we discovered that the root cause was in their IronPort server that was basically failing, preventing email delivery. Tickets were opened by the mobile users at first, but without GSX, there was no way to correlate the information and find the root cause easily.

In addition, GSX provides comprehensive dashboards for monitoring mobile service delivery, enabling you to examine the quality of Office 365, on mobile devices, in any location you might have.

Mobile service delivery dashboard

Please take a look at our webinar on service delivery management for more information about our service delivery dashboard. You can explore other use cases concerning “mobile and general email delivery issues” here >>


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