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Souping-up Office 365 Administration with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Posted by Clementine Crozier on Tue, Jul 04, 2017

illuBlogAcces-Controle.pngOrganizations are seeing a growing need to control permissions with granularity to optimize processes and workflow. With role-based access control, or RBAC, access and entitlement are decided through granular methods. By using granularity as a process for authorization, organizations can control the access or entitlement of the requester for the requested resource. RBAC can help reduce employee downtime and manage access control policies more efficiently.

One thing RBAC can help with is everyday HR onboarding, such as setting up new hires. This process can be done by automating how employees are given access and permissions to each service.  

A major goal of RBAC is to empower businesses to manage their own resources and control the access rights of administrators. Leaders within an organization can implement delegation of users throughout each unit, making processes more efficient. For example, an IT department could set Help Desk permissions through RBAC to handle common tasks. This would free higher-level administrators from having to reset passwords, update permissions, etc. The delegations to the Help Desk are set at a certain level of power, and higher level administrators are referred to often as another set of employees called “SuperAdmins” with a different set of rules. If the customer wants to create another level of rules for another level of IT such as Regional Administrators, the customer would take care of setting up this division within the RBAC management tool, which is extremely useful for the local administrators.

Through automating this process, there are no more recurring manual steps required to control access. GSX 365 Enterprise Management allows license changes on a large number of users, which puts the C-Level or Owners in the driver’s seat when allowing permissions for different employees. This means they have complete control over assigning and un-assigning licenses, along with a comprehensive dashboard of license usage.

Previously, portals weren’t optimized for user management or permissions control. There wasn’t a function for automation, making things difficult for admins. With GSX, the onboarding process is optimized and the risk of error is decreased with automation and ease. GSX provides a clear picture of who’s assigned which roles, making administration much more efficient.

GSX 365 Enterprise Management provides full Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Key benefits are the following:

  • Limit permissions assigned to improve security
  • Empower admins with actions they need to take
  • Prevent custom PowerShell script
  • Keep track of all the admin changes made


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