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Office 365 Role-Based Monitoring to See Through the Clouds

Posted by Paul Schmidt on Tue, Mar 12, 2019

Picture2-1The chief revenue officer walks into your office and says " I am off to a board meeting in 60 seconds. Numbers are down, and I hear it’s because the SaaS we have no longer works like it should. I need to know, is everything ok with the apps used by my sales team? Are you able to provide an accurate answer in 60 seconds? "

If you use GSX, you can answer this question with certainty. The new GSX’s Role-Based Monitoring performs accurate user simulations by key job roles and provides holistic view by persona.

Our job role-based monitoring allows you to define the SaaS applications and functionality that are used in any given role in your company. So, the sales team uses OneDrive, Salesforce and Office 365 Groups? GSX has you covered. Just build the persona and then assign it to any office with sales team members. Opening a new office that has sales employees? No problem, it’s just one click to add that additional office. And this office will also have an accounting team? Simply link the accounting role to the office as well. 

GSX allows you to define personas for each of your key job roles. While less capable products may try to convince you that accuracy in your tests does not matter, GSX customers have the visibility and hard data to know better. Generic measurements don’t give an accurate picture. With GSX, you can be granular and identify that the sales team typically works with large 12 MB attachments, while the accounting role is usually working with files around 1MB. Did you know that attachments over 10MB are processed using different back end functions? GSX knows, and you should too. 

Build your personas, attach them to your locations and you will know if employees are having issues, and in which locations all on the applications that matter most. Only GSX can provide detailed, exceptionally accurate simulations and expose the data in a manner that allows you to support your business. 

Our solution provides greater visibility into Office 365 performance with precise insights and a holistic view to manage the end-user experience. We monitor ever-changing conditions and expose any obstacles in the cloud, on-premises, or anywhere in between.

Getting set up is quick and easy- Get started today and see how you can keep your employees on the path to optimal productivity. 


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