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My 2 cents at Connect...

Posted by Antoine Leboyer on Wed, Feb 03, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-02-03_at_9.44.47_AM.pngI was sick last year and could not attend the new format IBM Connect.
It is a smaller event than during its heydays but is still a well-organized conference where familiar faces can be seen.

The OGS delivered good demos and some were actually funny. The real question is whether all the products they shown can be delivered fast and effectively.

This being said, there are still some signs to consider.

  • Connections has really attracted many companies that are really using it. IBM does not disclose numbers but the Connections conferences were well attended. On our booth, we showed many people what we do on Connections and there are many projects around with significant volumes that show the adoption of the platform. It is the success story of the IBM division formerly known as Notes …

  • Many companies are becoming more mature around the cloud experience. It could be said that in the past, there was a strong feeling of denial about cloud from IT staff. This is no longer the case. Companies are more comfortable mainly because they understand the challenges associated with the cloud and not only the advantages. This spoke quite well on our strategies. We have worked with many customers last year who were doing partial or full migration to the cloud. After the initial discovery period of the reality of the cloud, came a shift in responsibilities. IT knows what to look at and measure to manage a cloud environment. We have had many discussions with customers who have expressed strong need on monitoring network latency, end-user response time in many locations, as well as the various environments that impact these factors like load balancing, firewalls, … So what were last quarter projects with various clients has allowed us to come with many platforms, some announced like IronPort, some 9x% ready … which are those that our clients are asking as they now fall naturally under their responsibilities.
  • With the extension of the perimeters which we cover, with the discussions we have had, I have to insist that I have never been more convinced that agent based monitoring is totally “passé”. It consumes tons of resources (sorry SCOM, Tivoli, CA-Nimsoft and all others …), it is inflexible, it provides “too much” unimportant information and also it does not capture accurately application status. We heard from many that GSX monitor enables them to identify issues with complete reliability that the server, or network or DB teams who rely on agent-based technologies do not see. On the topic of new platforms, we showed our on-going work on DB2 and WebSphere. We have good feedbacks with indeed some good ideas for enhancements and more importantly, no one we spoke with mentioned any known technology to do what we do on agent-based solutions. This is where we are going and finding a position for us in the most cloud competitive market which exists which is collaboration is making us confident we can take our intellectual property and products beyond collaboration with the same value proposition.

So we are leaving Orlando with actually a good amount of work, projects, around these new technologies. Many noticed the fact that our logo mentions our 20 years. We are indeed busy like 20 year old kids.



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