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MSPs/CSPs: Stand out from the Office 365 managed services crowd

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Thu, Jun 28, 2018

Office 365 Managed ServicesThe MSP and CSP world is getting bigger, every day. The market is growing; Microsoft estimates that Cloud Provider Managed Services will surpass USD 43 Billion next year. Who doesn’t want a piece of that pie?

Yes, the pie is big, but you’re not the only one at the table, and at the end, keeping cloud customers or winning a new one is harder than ever.

The answer is differentiation. What makes you better? Price can be an answer, but it is difficult to maintain a profitable business if your only card is to cut your margins.

Basically, when you manage an Office 365 client, you know that you exclusively rely on user’s tickets to know if there is an issue or not.

The problem with that is:

  • For a user, poor performance and unavailability of the service is almost the same
  • Most user do not open a ticket when the service is slow, but they do complain to their management
  • At the moment, you have no way to understand the user experience and the quality of the service you manage

At the end of the day, you manage a service for which you have no visibility. You might think everything is fine while customer management is starting to reconsider the quality of your service.

The problem gets even bigger when you receive a ticket: people complain, something is not working properly. What kind of information do you have to understand what happened in Baltimore, 3 hours ago, when the head of sales could not do a Skype call with its customers? Usually not much.

Office 365 user complaints

Without data you cannot know if there was an issue, how bad it was, and what to do with it. Therefore, a lot of MSPs are just opening tickets with Microsoft. But each ticket has a cost. And at the end, without any relevant data, even Microsoft is helpless is most cases.

To solve these problems and provide your service with an unbeatable differentiator, GSX offers now to MSPs the results of 20 years of work with Enterprise-sized IT departments.

These departments act as an internal MSP for their own companies, managing Office 365 services, and they realize that the most important thing to have is end-user experience data.

GSX Gizmo for Office 365 provides the only way for you to measure, analyze and report on the true service delivery you provide to any locations of your customers.

The GSX Robot Users use Office 365 continuously behave exactly as a user would. They collect availability and performance data, so you know in real time the quality of the service that is experienced.

You can know if users are likely to complain in San Diego, or New York or Baltimore even before they realize there might be a problem.

You can manage your customer satisfaction, warning them that one or multiple locations are likely to experience issues and you can understand the impact on the end-user experience, saving you time-to-repair and ticket costs with Microsoft.

Office 365 Analytics

You can easily share real facts with your customers on actual service performance delivered to their end-users and justify the quality of your managed services.

GSX Gizmo for Office 365 is the only tool in the market that can provide you with unbiased performance data on any kind of Office 365 deployment, full cloud or hybrid.

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