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Manage massive volumes of Office 365 users with a single click

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Tue, Jan 12, 2016

webinarEMOnDemand-1.pngIf you’re an organization in need of a fully integrated communication, collaboration, and productivity solution, Office 365 is most likely your go-to choice.

Office 365 offers a number of flexible, tiered plans to suit virtually any organization size, making it easier and more cost-effective for most businesses to take advantage of its powerful features and tools.

When it comes to managing Office 365, the Active Directory integration is supposed to allow you to “easily manage user credentials and permissions.” The reality is, however, that the Office 365 admin portal has serious limitations, especially once you reached a certain number of users. For example, every user modification has to be made on a user-by-user basis, such as permissions, access, security groups, and distribution lists. And when it comes to license management, the portal provided together with Office 365 doesn’t provide clear visibility into which resources have been used or unused, making it difficult to allocate and re-allocate resources effectively when onboarding (or offboarding) users. In addition, Office 365 is not designed for help desk — there’s no visibility into the parameters and settings for individual end users, and it doesn’t track administrator actions for auditing. Office 365 also requires PowerShell skills, which the help desk usually doesn’t possess.

The bottom line is that trying to manage a massive number of users on this basis is an unfathomably long and painful process, with so many opportunities for error that can lead to resource and security issues that you simply can’t afford to have. This is a huge pain point for so many organizations using Office 365. If you’re a large company with 5k, 20k, or upwards of 100k employees in multiple divisions around the world with separate IT admins, how can you possibly manage? And if you’re a small- or medium-size business looking to grow, you can’t afford to lose valuable time and resources getting bogged down by inefficient Office 365 management.


This is why we’re so excited about GSX 365 Enterprise Management (EM), which makes it easier to manage any number of Office 365 users from a single, intuitive dashboard. GSX 365 EM uses a unique, hierarchical approach to user management. What this does is allow you to break down your employees into distinct Organizational Units (OUs) that share like attributes. While you can have shared attributes across all OUs in your organization, you can also have specific attributes that are unique to individual OUs, and OUs will also automatically inherit the attributes of their parent OUs. SuperClick engine allows you to apply bulk actions to any OU so that once the hierarchy is set up and proper attributes have been defined, you can move thousands of users into or out of any OU with a single click and they will automatically assume the desired attributes. And by the way — this can be performed from any of your offices, from anywhere in the world, and in 14 different languages.

So finally, bulk user manipulation for Office 365 is possible! You can stop wasting thousands of hours on micro-management by automating management at the OU level. GSX 365 EM enables you to perform mass actions related to user access, permissions, distribution lists, and security groups — all with just a single click. And when it comes to licensing usage, you’ll know instantly about which licenses are being used or unused with GSX’s automatic license reports, and be able to assign, unassign, onboard or offboard users efficiently and effectively with single-click mass license management.


When it comes to help desk, GSX 365 EM provides an intuitive, PowerShell-free UI that centralizes all end user settings in a single click. The result is that non-expert personnel can actually manage end user calls, allowing you to delegate non-value-added tasks confidently and ultimately save thousands of hours in end-user complaint management. And while Office 365 doesn’t keep track of any changes made on licenses or user configuration, GSX 365 EM will record every action made on the portal and provide extensive reports. This makes auditing possible, so you can easily troubleshoot any configuration issues.

So if you’re using Office 365 and looking to reduce your company’s operational costs and maximize the ROI on your technology investments, you should absolutely be using GSX 365 Enterprise Management. It makes Office 365 compliant with the administration needs of larger organizations, so that you can save thousands of hours of low-added-value actions and prevent critical manual errors.

If you want to go deeper into this product we hosted a Webinar on January 21st. Watch the podcast so that you can better understand how GSX Enterprise Management can fit your needs.
Check out the podcast and move to the next level of administrating Office 365!


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