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Las Vegas 2018: We were Ready for Microsoft Inspire

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Thu, Jul 26, 2018

illu blog smileThe heat of MS Inspire was over a week ago but we can still feel it, even from Switzerland.

This year was a bit special because of the joint event with Microsoft Ready. Thanks to that, over 21.000 Microsoft employees were also in Las Vegas, able to visit the MS Inspire show floor and attend the various celebrations. This had several positive and negative effects on the show.

On the positive side, it increased the number of Microsoft people going through the booth area and we were able to show our product and speak about our co-sell partnership with a lot of them. Being able to co-sell is definitely a big advantage when it comes to talking with Microsoft sales. We noticed that from the very beginning.

On the potential negative side, we saw less US large partners during the show. A lot of them had meetings for Microsoft Ready, so they had less time available for partners like us or just for walking the show floor to discover new solutions like ours.

Another thing that we noticed was that the impressive number of people from APAC. We don’t remember seeing so many the years before. And of course, it was very good for us to develop our business there.
Overall, from the opening party on Sunday at 5pm to the very end on Thursday, it was a good show. The keynote from Satya was really inspiring.

We’ve been able to explain to a large number of MSP’s how they can use GSX Solutions to develop new business around Office 365 end-user experience monitoring and reporting.

The ability to have full visibility on the service really delivered to their clients, everywhere they are, is something that enable them to reduce support costs and improve customer relationship.

To expand on this topic, provide real life examples and ROI figures, GSX is organizing an MSP dedicated webinar on September 4th. 
Come see how to provide real service delivery dashboard to your customers, anticipating performance complaints while reducing your support costs!


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