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How to: Measure the performance impact of Meltdown security patch

Posted by Gregoire Lecomte on Wed, Jan 10, 2018

illuBlog-Security.pngIntel just exposed a major vulnerability in the x64 processor family. As a consequence, Microsoft will deliver a driver update in the next few days.

Today different forum experts forecast between 5 to 40% of degradation "depending on the task and processor model." Already patched Linux systems show more than 50% of degradation. The patch may have important consequences on environments and user experience.

This security flaw raises the questions: how can you evaluate the real impact on your applications (Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, …) and what can users see?

At GSX Solutions, we build tools to monitor the Office 365 end-user experience that take into account everything that can impact this user performance. Using GSX Robot Users, you’ll be able to easily measure your end-user experience both in Lab and production environment.

Our experts recommend deploying the patch in a Lab and using our tools to reveal the real impact in your specific environment. A free 14-day trial is available here>>


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