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How To: Great Office 365 Performance and User Experience!

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Thu, Nov 16, 2017

illuBlog-Robot-Userexperience2.pngGSX Solutions is a specialist in optimizing the performance of Office 365 services. We’ve worked with many enterprise customers, measuring their end-user experience with our Robot Users and analyzing the results in PowerBI.

We faced many cases where enterprises customers already had the Office 365 licenses (E3 but mostly E5) but were struggling to use them to their full potential because their first tests and early deployments showed performance issues with their remote locations.

Enterprises are used to a certain level of control on the service they provide to their users and going to the cloud seems to put them back in the Dark Age. That is mission-critical for the IT to restore visibility into the service they provide to the business-lines.

Performance issues are the results of improper preparation to any cloud deployment nine times out of ten. The main reason is that the cloud doesn’t exist. Everything is hybrid. Your network isn’t in the cloud, your users aren’t in the cloud, and your identities most likely still sit on on-premises too.

Thanks to our Robot Users, we’ve been able to measure the real end-user performance outcome of many network configurations, the performance problems created by local IT issues, and learn how to detect a tenant wide that most certainly involves Microsoft.

To share this knowledge and help you with these new challenges, today we are excited to unveil a new section in the GSX Resources center called the RoboTech Library. In this section we will be sharing our expertise and knowledge coming from our projects and feedback from customers.

Read out the first RoboTech article about “Troubleshooting End-User Experience issue on Exchange Online”:

  • How can you spot a Microsoft tenant wide issue?
  • What is the best edge to edge configuration and route to the Microsoft datacenter to optimize your performance?
  • What is the impact of your DNS configuration?
  • Is VPN really changing the end user performance?
  • How packet loss is playing a role in Exchange online end user satisfaction?
  • And finally, can an ExpressRoute deployment solve all the performance issues?

All these questions are addressed on this article of our RoboTech Library with real end-user experience measures and metrics evidences.

Stay tuned as there is plenty of valuable content coming in the next weeks within the GSX RoboTech Library, including customer feedback, proofpoint and business cases. You will learn how organizations were able to drastically improve their end-user experience and IT confidence in Cloud solutions running in production. Our mission is to empower you with the right information to get back control on the Office 365 services you deliver to your end-users and feel confident when you cross the Rubicon!


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