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How to: AirWatch MSMQ Monitoring

Posted by Pavan Reddy on Tue, Nov 07, 2017

AirWatch Monitoring.pngIn today’s world, employees demand around-the-clock access to their email accounts from any device. That’s why solutions like VMWare’s Airwatch are so important. But when Airwatch fails, an organization’s entire email system can falter, crushing productivity and communication.

The modern business workforce has been untethered from the physical office, with employees now able to run free, making deals and managing accounts from planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention their own homes. This freedom is, in part, thanks to software like VMWare’s Airwatch, which ensures that no matter what device data winds up on, those endpoints are connected and in-synch.

This puts extra pressure on IT departments, who are now tasked with not simply problem-solving normal glitches and providing in-house security, but must also watch over a wide range of endpoints, some company-issued and others BYOD. Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ), which keeps different endpoints synched up, even if they’re offline, is just one of the many programs that must be monitored.

Some problems can arise if MSMQ isn’t working as it should: including expired certificates, network problems preventing endpoints from being reached, MSMQ queues not processing messages, general issues with databases and the system as a whole.

Which raises the question, what is monitoring the monitors?

GSX for AirWatch module is one solution. It keeps an eye out for all of the above dangers, and automatically notifies administrators and IT when any problem is spotted, and does so before end-users are even aware something has gone wrong.

Checking MSMQ health via GSX for AirWatch is as simple as a pull-down menu. If the system is functioning as it should, the MSMQ queue will be zero, meaning that all messages are being processed without any delay. If the queue is ever more than zero, alerts go out instantaneously, thanks to real-time monitoring. GSX provides all of the critical information needed to administrators so they can quickly solve the problem, preventing any slow-downs or outages.

GSX for AirWatch’s key features include:

  • Testing end-user experience in real-time from multiple locations;
  • Diagnosing network and connectivity latency;
  • Monitoring AirWatch and email systems, such as Microsoft Office 365, or any other on-premises email servers, like Exchange or Domino;
  • A single dashboard for instant troubleshooting and able to pinpoint email delivery issues;
  • Performing end-to-end ActiveSync scenarios.

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