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How the GSX Robot User Improves Service Delivery Monitoring

Posted by Yann Baudic on Tue, Nov 22, 2016

robot user.pngIn this day and age, the majority of business transaction processing happens in the cloud, or is consumed as a service from various locations around the globe. If you’re just monitoring your infrastructure back-end resources and systems availability, that’s not enough.

In order to ensure smooth enterprise operations, it’s crucial to monitor the service delivery of your applications. The perception of your service delivery quality may be different between corporate sites, or vary between continents. Your application could be perceived as way too slow by end-users in a particularly strategic region of the world for your business. Once you start objectively and systematically measuring availability and response times, you can begin ensuring the highest possible performance and quality of service to your end users.

So, how do you get an accurate reflection of the true experience the end-user has on any of your applications, on any device? A distributed scan is the most efficient tool to provide full insights into application performance and quality of user experience from multiple locations across your global landscape. Monitoring real-time application rendering from more than one access point on private or public networks is an adequate way to evaluate, analyze, and report on the performance, availability, and quality of experience from the end-user’s perspective, regardless of their location.

The GSX Robot User is a small, easy-to-use scan engine that seamlessly deploys remotely in minutes operates autonomously, generates minimal overhead, and is fully secured. It emulates the behavior of your end-users running multi-step scenarios to access your cloud services or any on-premise application from all possible locations, alerting you when it detects any issues. Using the GSX Robot User to systematically execute synthetic transactions with your critical business services gives you instant insight into the quality of experience as perceived by your end-users.

Once you’ve deployed the GSX Robot User, the Robot User Manager provides both easy-to-use deployment management and centralized synthetic transaction configuration administration. The Manager lets you easily add monitoring locations and capabilities to your distributed agentless scanning network, producing indicators reflecting performance of any type of application as it’s perceived by remote end-users on site. With the GSX Robot User Manager, you can specify what performance levels are considered satisfactory, acceptable, and disturbing for end-users or the business.

With the GSX Robot User, you create an active end-user experience grid with indicators that reflect your business service against SLAs -- as actually perceived by remote users on site. The Robots are packed with high-value added features, like proactive monitoring of critical transactions and alerting around the clock. The Robot User’s Centralized Alerting will send a notification when the GSX Robot Users detect application performance degradation issues, and alert any changes in the number of Robot Users noticing issues. It’s a powerful diagnostic aid that accelerates incident detection, root cause analysis, and resolution. With the GSX Robot User ecosystem, your organization has the tools it needs to monitor service and solve problems before the end-user ever takes notice.

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