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How MSPs can help organizations with proactive Office 365 monitoring

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Tue, Mar 14, 2017

MSP-2.pngOrganizations migrating to Microsoft Office 365 face both an opportunity and a threat. Once an MSP’s customer is on Office 365, what happens next? MSPs want to keep the relationship they developed before and during the migration by helping to transform the organization’s infrastructure, making it more reliable and cost efficient. Here, I’ll share how to continue to generate value after the migration with proactive monitoring.

When organizations migrate the the cloud, users tend to blame the service provider for any performance issues they experience. If the service is delivered by Microsoft, they blame Microsoft. In many cases, these complaints are based more on misconceptions than facts. That’s why it’s important to proactively monitor cloud environments to be aware of any issues before they impact the end-user, and to address them quickly if they do generate complaints.

With GSX Monitor, Managed Service Providers can be alerted to performance issues before the user even notices. That allows the MSP to get to work on the ticket before a support call comes in, oftentimes fixing the issue quickly or organizing a workaround before any end-user complaints are submitted. GSX Monitor also lets MSPs counter misconceptions with facts, providing a clear understanding of end-user performance with statistics based on established baselines.

Proactive monitoring also lets MSPs show organizations where issues are stemming from, oftentimes proving that the problem has nothing to do with Microsoft itself, but rather from the organization’s network, application, or infrastructure. Providing that information can help foster a collaborative and long-term relationship between MSPs and the organizations they work with.

To summarize, GSX Monitor enables proof of the service quality, decreases the time it takes to repair incidents, and considerable shortens detection time. Overall, this eases relationships between Microsoft and service companies, by providing independent measuring of Office 365 environments. When MSPs and customers are able to improve infrastructure and deliver the best possible service to end-users, everyone benefits

GSX Solutions has had extensive experience working with Managed Service Providers, allowing them to deliver best-in-class, remote monitoring and maintenance for environments. 

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