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How IT Pros and Business Leaders Can Work Together for a Better Office 365 End-User Experience

Posted by Clementine Crozier on Tue, Feb 27, 2018

illuBlog365Roue-1.pngIt was not long ago that IT departments were relatively secluded from the rest of business operations. They went about their business fixing outages, installing new software, and generally maintaining services on their own.

Today, a major shift in how organizations use and adopt new technologies has created a need for better interoperability and communications between IT departments and the organizations they service.

We’ve seen this to be especially true when companies migrate to Office 365. If not executed properly, the transition can be disastrous for end-user satisfaction and overall productivity. Even if executed properly, general confusion often arises amidst the transition. This is largely because of a lack of alignment between departments. Organizations can easily avoid this confusion by focusing on end-user experience right from the start. Before migrating to Office 365, business leaders and IT pros should meet to agree upon objectives, timelines, and metrics. Then, they should test their plan and with a small group of users to gauge outcomes and adjust to minimize ongoing confusion.

User adoption is the next phase requiring collaboration between business leaders and IT prose. Adoption is essential; If people in your organization aren’t fully utilizing the new features that Office 365 provides, your organization doesn’t benefit from your investment. IT pros and department managers should start by communicating the reasons behind the change to users, and proceed by providing full training of Office 365 applications. After that, they should continue to check in on user adoption and provide additional training as needed.

Once alignment on objectives and user adoption are set in motion, monitoring Office 365 end-user experience & performance is the next important step. Visibility into end-user experience is crucial to understand how your Office 365 migration is impacting users, which ultimately impacts organizational productivity and outcomes.

GSX provides top-of-the line monitoring tools for Office 365, allowing IT pros to measure and improve service delivery to the business-lines. With end-to-end service monitoring, GSX guarantees exceptional end-user experience while providing advanced reporting on adoption and ROI. IT pros can measure service to their users from anywhere in the world, and be alerted to interruptions or outages to minimize response time.

The migration to Office 365 can be daunting for many organizations, but by focusing on communicating objectives, user adoption, and effective monitoring and reporting, business leaders and IT pros can work together to deliver the best possible end-user experience organization-wide.


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