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How ISV can fit in the new Microsoft Partner Strategy

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Thu, Oct 26, 2017

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For many ISVs like GSX Solutions, working with Microsoft is both a challenge and an opportunity. The Microsoft partner organization can be difficult to maneuver without a dedicated team. Not every partner has the kind of resources to manage   this relationship.

Additionally, you can be a Microsoft partner while competing with Microsoft in some respect. Plenty of partners, even large ones are in this situation. Hence, getting traction with the partner team can be even more difficult.

Many things have changed in the Microsoft partner team and strategy. I had the opportunity to hear all about those changes directly from Microsoft at the Ignite conference and want to share with ISVs. Here is a brief summary of what to expect and do, in order to profit from the new ways Microsoft is offering to collaborate with partners around the world.

  • How can ISVs adapt to the new Microsoft One Commercial Partner Organization?How to benefit and what are the rules to count as a Partner for Microsoft?

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Decoding the new Microsoft OCP - One Commercial Partner Organization

The most important change we need to consider is the new Microsoft OCP (One Commercial Partner) model, which is a fusion of 7 different partner organizations. The OCP is about helping partners build their offering, to develop a solution aligned with Microsoft’s goals. The purpose is to build the OCP catalog with solutions that make sense for Microsoft customers. These solutions can be then used by Microsoft Channel Management and the co-selling program that will bring deals to the partner.

The Microsoft One Commercial Partner organization has 2 main goals:

  • Driving the partner success lifecycle through partner management (recruiting new partners, building the OCP catalog).
  • Driving customer success lifecycle with the new Channel Management (aligning customers’ needs with the OCP Catalog).

What's in this breifing document?

  1. Microsoft goals regarding the partner strategy. 
    1. Azure consumption
    2. Microsoft SaaS
    3. Cloud & Hybrid services: Azure Cloud Services, Azure Stack and Dynamics 365
  2. Driving consumption through partner’s ecosystem
  3. The Microsoft Cloud Marketplace:
    1. The Azure Market place
    2. AppSource
  4. The Microsoft One Commercial Partner Organization
    1. What is the OCP
    2. How to be listed on the OCP Catalog
  5. Microsoft Co-Sell Program
    1. How to proceed
    2. What are the benefits
  6. Microsoft Co-Marketing Program

As an ISV, it is our job to adapt and benefit from opportunities this new organization opens for us. Microsoft knows that it is in its interest to help us grow with them.

I hope this briefing is of interest to you. Tell us what you think of these changes at the Microsoft partner organization!

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