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How GSX for AirWatch Helps Organizations Access Email 24/7

Posted by Clementine Crozier on Tue, Sep 19, 2017

^7CC210BA3E0BC83A88A9D6FAA475689884C75855D1C45DCF35^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.pngIn today’s world, employees require 24/7 access to their email accounts from any device so they can work remotely. Using email on mobile devices requires a complex chain of command that involves network components, email delivery systems, and an MDM application such as AirWatch.

But what happens when AirWatch fails? Email flow is shut down completely for remote workers on their mobile devices, killing productivity and communication.

Monitoring AirWatch is complicated, but GSX has built a solution that makes it easy to provide the best experience to end-users. With GSX for AirWatch, GSX Robot Users detect service delivered on devices for remote workers in real time, proactively identifying issues before they reach users. When an issue does occur, GSX provides all critical information for the administrators to pinpoint the source of the issue and avoid any outage in the system.

GSX for AirWatch helps ensure smooth and uninterrupted service delivery of vital enterprise mobility. It provides business continuity for remote workers by monitoring AirWatch health, performance, usage, network availability and latency, all while continuously testing and troubleshooting the messaging environment. GSX tests end-user service delivery and allows administrators to troubleshoot issues easily when things don’t work properly. This helps reduce the number of support tickets, and allows for faster resolution.

So what makes GSX for AirWatch unique? It’s the sole AirWatch monitoring service currently on the market. GSX is the only service that is able to measure and analyze service delivered by AirWatch on devices regardless of location, and the only service that can test the network from the server to the device to identify where issues are originating. In addition, GSX provides all insights on a single dashboard showing overall end-user experience of AirWatch and email services.

Your employees demand access to email on their devices at all hours and from all locations. With GSX for AirWatch, you can make sure you’re providing that service uninterrupted, powering the best possible communication and productivity throughout your organization.


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