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How do you measure success of your Office 365 migration?

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Thu, Jan 19, 2017

the-key-to-successful-marketing1.jpgWhen you invest in Office 365, the next step is to embark on a successful migration so that your business processes go on without interruption. Many organizations fail to realize just how important this is. Take, for example, an insurance company that just started on their Office 365 migration project by migrating 500 mailboxes per night. Some recently migrated users start complaining that there is content missing from their folders, and their mailboxes are unavailable. The number of help desk calls is rising fast, and the organization is only troubleshooting as a reactive measure. The insurance company sees a big impact on their business line productivity.

What caused the issue and how could it have been prevented? The IT department finds that some mailboxes with specific settings did not migrate properly. Cloud mailboxes were created, but their content was empty. Unfortunately, the Office 365 Portal doesn’t provide any reports on the content migration operation. The success (or lack thereof) of daily operations weren’t being monitored properly. Because of that, the only information administrators had about potential issues came from end-user complaints, leading to a negative impact on their overall business.

The insurance company decided to start monitoring the mailbox size of every new cloud mailbox daily, as well as the growth in number of recipients and Exchange Online users in order to ensure content was properly migrated. They configured GSX 365 Usage to receive detailed reports that regularly measured the success of the migration. Administrators were then able to identify every new mailbox with potential issues, taking action to fix them before the end-user would even notice the problem.

GSX 365 Usage provides insightful reports you won’t find in the Office 365 Portal to assess the success of an ongoing migration project like this insurance company’s. The first GSX report that can help is “Mailbox Size Over Time” which lets you filter by “Creation Date” and see the growth of the mailbox to ensure successful migration. The second report is “Recipient Count Over Time” which displays the increasing number of migrated objects. The last report is “Exchange Logins Per Day” which provides a good indication of those who have adapted to their new online mailboxes, compared to their total number of mailboxes. GSX 365 Usage reports ensure that your mailboxes are created properly, content is there as expected, and that users are adopting their cloud environment. Frequent reporting during the migration process helps organizations ensure and demonstrate a successful transition to Office 365. 


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