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How do you manage compliancy with mobile devices?

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Tue, Mar 21, 2017

Mobile devices can be a major security threat if they aren’t managed properly. Many company’s employees use email, Skype, and other Office 365 services on their mobile devices at the office, at home, and on the go, which can cause headaches for IT administrators.
Take for example a company that provides healthcare services. Their use of email and Office 365 services is mostly on mobile devices. They discover that several security issues have occurred when an employee realized they hadn’t updated their Operating System according to company policy. To sort out the problem, administrators spent hours of time with a complex identification process to identify every noncompliant device. They discovered that several employees at the company have multiple devices configured to connect to the network, but use only one of them.

The IT department is disappointed to find that there are no processes or reports defined to systematically identify and ban old and unused devices from the network. The Office 365 Portal doesn’t provide reports on mobile devices sorted by OS, or on unused/inactive mobile devices, so devices with old Operating Systems could become a threat to the entire company.

The healthcare services company decided to enforce a ban of noncompliant devices before a security breach happened. They used GSX 365 Usage Reports to automatically report on devices’ Operating Systems and unused devices. They’re able to then define a process to contact users to justify their need of suspicious devices on the network. Since then, they’ve avoided all mobile security alerts.

With GSX, you can immediately identify devices that are running non-compliant Operating Systems. Reports can be filtered so that you can see the names of employees running these devices, and quickly reach out to them to protect the network. Another useful tool is GSX’s “Inactive Mobile Devices” which reports on suspicious or unused devices. The “Users with Mobile Devices” report lets you gather broader information on mobile devices to manage your network effectively. With GSX 365 Usage Reports, you can define processes and take actions to eliminate potential mobile device security threats, allowing you powerfully manage the security of your network.


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