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GSX’s new assessment gives clear insights into Office 365 experience

Posted by Clementine Crozier on Thu, Nov 23, 2017

illuBlogRobot-lunette.pngProviding the best possible experience to your end-users should be the goal of any IT department. Ultimately, the user experience is what separates a productive, profitable company from a frustrated and inefficient one. At GSX, we understand the end-user experience more than anyone, and continue to build products that help IT administrators be the heroes instead of the scapegoats. In fact, we provide the only solution to truly understand, troubleshoot, and manage your end-user experience across cloud or hybrid Office 365 deployments.

One of our latest offerings is the Office 365 Experience Assessment. The assessment analyzes current Office 365 user experience issues and establishes the future performance of a service. It clearly outlines what type of experiences you deliver to your users, comparing service quality and detecting bottlenecks service-by-service. This allows you to visualize the data with custom dashboards, and compare results across all critical locations.

So how does it work? The Experience Assessment gives you a “reality check” on the severity of end-user complaints about Office 365 performance. Then, it correlates end-user experience with network and on-premises server health. This assesses your ability to provide great Office 365 service delivery to critical locations and understand the impact of changes in your hybrid infrastructure on the end-user experience.

By testing your Office 365 environment, GSX helps you discover how to deliver a fast and flawless experience to your end-users. To learn more or request an assessment, please visit:


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