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GSX Prepares for Windows Server 2016 with Brand New Monitoring Tool

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Thu, Jun 16, 2016

windows-server-2016.pngThe release of Windows Server 2016 has the IT world buzzing, and rumors are swirling that the announcement could come at Microsoft Ignite. With the release imminent, GSX Solutions is happy to introduce the brand new GSX for Windows Server. Since it’s compatible with every version of the Windows Server, you’ll be able to fully monitor and provide end-user satisfaction immediately upon upgrading to the 2016 version.

All Windows applications and third-party applications are deployed through the Windows Server, making it absolutely critical to monitor. With GSX, you monitor the system core of business applications as well as other critical infrastructure components. That includes front end of applications, the back end, the network and the applications themselves.

The new GSX release allows IT administrators to monitor and troubleshoot both operating systems and business-critical applications from a single dashboard in real-time. It also enables admins to perform complete end-to-end testing of applications and services delivered to users from multiple locations. How does it work? The GSX server monitor uses probes to pinpoint data center and local performance issues. It continuously tests the availability and performance of the Windows Server and its applications, thus enabling proactive management of your IT environment. When you properly monitor Windows Server, it improves your end-user experience, reduces help desk calls, lowers mean time to repair, and prevents issues before they cause problems.

 We’ve built GSX for Windows Server using agentless technology, allowing you to:

  • Create proactive alerts with multiple counters and/or thresholds
  • Troubleshoot performance issues
  • Pinpoint the source of problems
  • Gain access to real-time statistics
  • Customize alerts and statistics according to individual needs
  • Simultaneously visualize and troubleshoot critical application servers, as well as their back-end

With the new GSX tool, your level of visibility into the Windows Server will be unprecedented. It provides a full picture of application health, availability, and performance -- both from a system and an end-user perspective. As you prepare for Microsoft’s upcoming release of Windows Server 2016, make sure you’re prepared to monitor and analyze it with the GSX for Windows Server as your tool. 


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