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GSX now monitors 100% of Lync 2013

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Fri, Jan 29, 2016

lync_logo-2014.pngNowadays, Lync performance is considered critical for every company and represents a challenge from a management point of view. With each Lync edition becoming more prevalent as a PBX replacement, the ability for users to make and receive phone calls with their Lync clients and call into Lync conferences from PSTN devices (such as cell phones) is becoming a necessity in many organizations to reduce phone expenses.

But, how do you make sure that all of your Lync environment's features are working and will continue to work properly from an end-user perspective?

GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Lync help administrators to keep their Microsoft Lync under control by monitoring server status as well as the services delivered to business lines. GSX Solutions lets IT administrators ensure optimal service availability and performance with powerful synthetic transactions performed by GSX Robot User. GSX Monitor & Analyzer provides pinpoint alerts that enable administrators to troubleshoot emerging issues before they impact the business.

The latest version 11.1 of GSX Monitor & Analyzer include support for the Lync Edge Server and Mediation Server roles. Both the Mediation Server and the Edge Server roles in Lync 2013 play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of the Lync environment and the way in which users interact as a whole. The ability to monitor and proactively prevent issues is key to avoiding interruptions.

The Lync Edge Server and the Lync Mediation Server often do not get enough attention from system administrators. By default, both are monitored with SCOM, but in fact it is really difficult to set up. GSX has created a simple solution to set up an all-around monitoring and analyzing solution for the Lync Edge Server and the Lync Mediation Server.

With the support of the Lync Edge Server and Mediation Server roles, GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the only solution that covers all of the Lync 2013 components and allows you to monitor, report, and alert on the components and services that really matter.

New monitoring capabilities include:

  • Lync Edge Server Monitoring: Monitoring this server role is critical as it is external-facing. If at risk or not properly monitored, it’s the most likely server role to be attacked and compromised. GSX for Lync Edge Server retrieves the health status of the Edge server, and will generate alerts if any abnormal activities occur.


  • Lync Mediation Server Monitoring: This server role plays a crucial role in day-to-day operations as it is the last point of contact for the Lync environment. The server connects with the outside telephony world to connect audio communications. It’s important to monitor this server’s key health indicators in order to anticipate any interruptions in service for end-users.



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