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3 Steps to Manage Authentication on Office 365

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Tue, Sep 27, 2016

microsoft_identities_mgmt.pngBusinesses rely on authentication and identity management to ensure user’s processes are structured, secure and efficient. For organizations using Microsoft Exchange on premise, making sure that the Active Directory server can authenticate users is generally enough to guarantee the identity service. However, the rise of Office 365 has made identity management much more complex. With Office 365, the on-premise Active Directory has to work in collaboration with Microsoft Azure AD Connect and Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS).

Cloud identity credentials in Office 365 use an Azure AD, which is separate from an on-premise identity. This works for businesses based entirely on Office 365. However, businesses with a hybrid cloud environment require users to have different sets of credentials and passwords for different services. This creates problems for user adoption on Office 365. This also makes it difficult for administrators to monitor and resolve user authentication issues in their cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

Microsoft Identity Management is a core part of the performance monitoring of applications. Issues with identity management have a huge impact on the end user, and can require a lot of time to troubleshoot. That’s why GSX Solutions has developed monitoring capabilities to provide administrators with proactive alerts on performance and system usage, as well as end-user scenarios to test the availability of the service from an end-user perspective. With GSX, administrators can quickly identify and troubleshoot identity management service issues from a single dashboard.

"With the rise of Office 365, the management of user Identities outside the corporate firewall and in the cloud has become a complex challenge," explained Jean-François Piot, VP Product Management at GSX. "By presenting key performance indicators of all three identity components in a single dashboard, administrators are quickly alerted to emerging issues that could impact the user experience."

GSX provides end-to-end identity management monitoring for Office 365 environments. Key performance indicators monitored by GSX include:

   1) Active Directory Monitoring: replication health, LDAP binding time, and client session,

   2) AAD Connect Monitoring: current sync cycle, sync dates, and number of objects (on premises and in Azure),

   3) ADFS Monitoring: number of tokens, number of requests for federation metadata and artifact resolution, and certificate expiration dates.

Above all, GSX solution runs all three services through end user scenarios, to help assure uninterrupted service.


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