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Introducing GSX for DB2 agentless monitoring

Posted by Yann Baudic on Tue, Feb 23, 2016


We’re pleased to announce the release of the latest GSX for DB2. This product is designed to help safeguard the performance and health of IBM Traveler, IBM Connections, and other front-end applications that your business depends on like IBM Sametime for example.

 What is IBM DB2?

DB2 is a Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS) originally introduced by IBM in 1983. A Relational DataBase allows for a declarative model of the data and access to it via queries. For that purpose, IBM invented the "English like" now de-facto standard Structured Query Language (SQL) used in so many other RDBMS as Microsoft SQL server to name only one. IBM DB2 is the back-end of most IBM collaborative applications, such as IBM Traveler and IBM Connections.

Why is it important to monitor IBM DB2?

IBM DB2 monitoring is crucial for maintaining the health of business-critical front-end applications, such as IBM Traveler or IBM Connections. Any performance or health issue with IBM DB2 impacts the global performance of applications that rely on DB2 databases to work properly, and therefore, impacts the quality of service delivered to the end users. Most of the latency in IBM DB2 is related to misconfigurations or optimization issues, such as indexing problems that can impact global system performance. This needs to be monitored globally and at a site-by-site level. IBM DB2 itself does not provide a built-in monitoring tool, which is why some enterprises still do not monitor their IBM DB2 environment other than empirically.

Why is empirical monitoring of your IBM DB2 environment a problem?

Manually monitoring your IBM DB2 server is a very tedious and complex task, for which you need the expertise of a DBA on hand.  In addition, it is obviously only as reliable as the DBA you rely on. Finally, IBM DB2 servers are expensive and require powerful hardware. Optimization of performance is critical in order to save a considerable amount of man hours and on hardware costs.

How does GSX Solutions monitor IBM DB2?

With GSX Monitor, DBAs can monitor and troubleshoot their IBM DB2 back-end in real-time, as well as the applications that are using it. DBAs can also monitor the performance of the IBM DB2 servers and databases from multiple locations, which allows them to identify data center or local performance issues. We are all about the end-user experience, we focus on complete end-to-end performance monitoring. GSX connects to the IBM DB2 server environment exactly as the front-end applications connect. Our proactive approach to performance monitoring detects any latencies that might impact front-end applications, and therefore, service to the end-user. GSX also performs real end-to-end scenarios to retrieve system health information and will alert you in the case of any degradation.


As with any GSX products, GSX for DB2 does not require any agent to be loaded on your servers, thereby providing Admins with a highly flexible monitoring system without compromising on performance. Indeed minimal resource consumption on monitored servers is key to ensure good performance in complex environments. DBAs as well as unified communication admins need their own specific comprehensive monitoring platform that allows them to look at the health of their databases. An agentless system gives them independence from the classic tools used by the Infrastructure teams.


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How does monitoring IBM DB2 actually benefit the customers?

By monitoring IBM DB2, GSX makes the troubleshooting process easy and painless, which in turn reduces the MTTR as well as lengthy calls to the help desk. Our real-time dashboard can be shared across multiple teams relying on IBM DB2 back-end, and measures the performance from multiple locations to detect bottlenecks. Last but not least, GSX possess powerful alerting and dynamic reporting capabilities.

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