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GSX Solutions awarded top accolades from

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Wed, Feb 01, 2017

RU.pngWe’re excited to share that GSX has earned a Gold Rating from industry publication, the top product review rating given by the site. Microsoft Exchange expert Steve Goodman reviewed the product, and had many praises to give the Robot User including calling it a “killer feature” for IT professionals.

“It’s hard to find fault with GSX Monitor,” Goodman said. “It meets the types of requirements that are often asked about by IT pros looking to get visibility into Office 365 or their Exchange Server environment, especially in a global environment with many interconnected features.”

The product review also noted that the GSX Monitor is very easy to set up, and that the GSX Gizmo interface "makes a massive difference... and will make it very easy for global IT organizations to adopt products and streamline the Exchange and Office 365 support process."

GSX Monitor is the core product, the central configuration console. GSX's Robot Users are small, easy-to-use scan engines that seamlessly deploy remotely and operate autonomously. They emulate the behavior of your end-users, running multi-step scenarios to access your cloud services or any on-premise application from multiple locations, alerting administrators when issues are detected. Using the GSX Robot Users to execute synthetic transactions with your critical business services provides instant insights in the quality of experience perceived by your end-user. The GSX Gizmo web interface provides all of the insights and troubleshooting features that users need to maintain the quality of service delivered to users throughout an organization.

We worked hard to develop the GSX Robot User and Gizmo to be the best solution for IT admins wanting proactively monitor their Office 365 environments, and are proud to receive this recognition!

Please take 5 minutes to read the full product review here and thanks again Steve for this great review.

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