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GSX 365 Insights Rocks Yammer and SharePoint Analytics to Improve ROI

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Tue, Feb 21, 2017

Yammer-Sharepoint.pngHere at GSX we’re excited to share how we can provide Community Managers deeper insights into Yammer and SharePoint. The new GSX 365 Insights collects information needed to demonstrate enterprise social networks usage and ROI.  

Yammer and SharePoint have their own native dashboard analytics tools, that gives employees a broad look into what’s happening in their networks. With it, you can see how many items have been uploaded, status updates liked, and how many conversations are happening during certain periods. It can show how effectively your team is communicating using the tool. For example, it shows if a key member of your team isn’t engaged or interacting with their colleagues. 

Analytics help to prove the return on investment for using Yammer and SharePoint in the first place. But as you can see, what’s provided Microsoft itself isn’t sufficient in order to understand how messages are read and the impact they have on your company’s networks and groups.

GSX realizes that when it comes to communications, information is power, so GSX 365 Insights collects and presents data on a single interface that allows you to:

  • View usage statistics that enable you to trend the use of your tools over time across your organization. This allows you to see the level of involvement in each department, and to identify the most active and inactive groups.
  • View activity reports which show the most popular Yammer groups and networks, as well as the top SharePoint sites.
  • Identify and target influencers by identifying who is the most actively engaged on Yammer. Reports can also identify inactive users.
  • Measure the impact of your announcements and posts by finding out which content attracts the greatest audience response. GSX 365 Insights is the only tool that can tell you how many people view an announcement in Yammer, which is a key feature for any communications professional using the service. Without, the person sharing the announcement has no way to know if it’s been seen or not, or by who.

Also, GSX 365 Insights also allows organizations to benchmark their Yammer and SharePoint engagement, by comparing it to same-sized organizations within your industry. Community Managers can also view top documents, track the most-discussed topics on each network, and monitor the most active topics over time.

At GSX, we’re always looking to improve the insights we can provide to our customers. With this new product we’re taking a major step forward in what we’re able to offer in terms of social analytics for Yammer and SharePoint. With deeper insights, organizations can make the adjustments and improvements needed to empower their business line and company visibility on the Microsoft networks.


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