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Friday Podcast: Is device security keeping you up at night?

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Fri, Sep 25, 2015

The number of data breaches caused by mobile devices has significantly increased in the past years. And mobile devices are already considered as the weakest link in the security framework.

CIOs and compliance managers identified 3 key points to enhance security:

  • How to track compliance across all devices?
  • How to make sure IT security policy are always used, for all devices?
  • How to control installation of compulsory applications, as well as restricted and unauthorized ones?

Advanced monitoring for enterprise mobility is emerging as an integral service. BES12 Monitoring is like the dashboard in your car. Your car still works without the dashboard, but you can’t see what is actually happening. 

Imagine driving your car today without a dashboard. You would have a sense of your speed based on the cars around you, but beyond that, you would be in the dark until problems occur.

In addition to reducing troubleshooting times and warding off issues before they become problematic, monitoring is increasingly playing a key part in the security makeup of any organization’s EMM strategy.

Watch this podcast to have a better understanding on how you can improve monitoring, manage and control the security of the mobile devices as part of your infrastructure environment, including how to:  

  • Get alerted as soon as a non-compliant devices are detected
  • Prevent non-compliant devices from using your system
  • Detect devices managed by BES12 and any other device using ActiveSync in your environment
  • Get reports on your entire mobile device population
  • Ensure that the compliant devices are working with optimum performance
  • And More



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