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ExpressRoute & Office 365 performance - GSX Puts Rumors to the Test

Posted by Clementine Crozier on Fri, Dec 15, 2017

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There are many contradictory rumors surrounding ExpressRoute.
Many believe that ExpressRoute can make mailboxes move significantly faster, while others think that ExpressRoute can make Microsoft Exchange Online slower since it was designed to improve security. Still others believe that ExpressRoute improves overall Office 365 performance.

So what really is ExpressRoute and what are its limitations?

ExpressRoute is a connection between a peering provider and Microsoft’s peering location. It’s important to understand that ExpressRoute is not designed to act as a performance solution, and it’s not meant to be a security solution, either. Our experts put it to the test.

We studied how ExpressRoute connects to Office 365 with Microsoft peering by testing the access to the mailbox and a few other actions. As a result, using ExpressRoute sometimes provided the Robot User with a better performance, and sometimes it did not. There was no consistent impact on the end-user experience for any action that we tested, including opening mailboxes, creating meetings, creating tasks, free/busy lookups, and downloading attachments.

These results make sense because ExpressRoute is a connection to a peering point, and there is no guarantee that your entry point is better than the one you already have with your Internet provider. ExpressRoute may give you more predictable performance, however it’s not designed to provide you with a better performance.

Multiple things can impact the end-user experience with Office 365, ranging from network configuration to equipment and beyond. Deploying ExpressRoute does not guarantee improvement. Moreover, Microsoft Identities servers can impact Office 365 hybrid deployments and increase the complexity, impacting end-users as well.

Every successful troubleshooting process begins by measuring the end-users experience on using Office 365’s services. Our GSX Robot Users are specially designed to provide you with these information. By leveraging technology actually meant to test and improve end-user experience rather than ExpressRoute, administrators can stay one step ahead of every performance issue.

Want to learn more? Get actual facts by watching our webinar podcast. 


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