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Save Hours a Day by Automating your Exchange Server Health Checks

Posted by Gregoire Lecomte on Tue, Nov 29, 2016

healthcheck2.pngA good storekeeper prepares his shop before opening each day, and cleans it up at night for the next day. Why should your organization be any different? Running daily health checks ensures that your end-users have a good experience when ramping up in the morning, and that they don’t experience any outages throughout the day.

As an administrator, it’s your job to take the right measures to guarantee service delivery and take proactive steps to prevent any issues. The problem with health checks is that they can be time consuming and a little complicated if you don’t have the right tools.

If you’re just monitoring infrastructure backend resources and systems availability, that’s not enough to ensure smooth enterprise operations. You can add more value by checking end-to-end services, like open mailboxes, mail routing time, and SharePoint site availability.

With GSX, you can automate the task of running health checks and enhance your checks with additional metrics, keeping tabs on your end-users’ experience. GSX provides out-of-the-box monitoring to ensure all applications, whether they are on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud, are always performing as they’re supposed to. GSX Gizmo is a web-based dashboard that provides real-time graphs to troubleshoot all applications and services within the IT platform. The GSX Robot User, part of GSX Gizmo, is an easy-to-use scan engine that acts as any of your end-users, and is able to perform any synthetic transaction from anywhere, shooting back all information to the GSX Gizmo web dashboard.

The Robot User seamlessly deploys remotely, operates autonomously, generates minimal overhead, and is fully secured. It constantly checks application performance and simulates end-user scenarios, sending alerts whenever it detects any issues. With GSX, your health checks become automated so you don’t have to think about them until an issue arises. This ends up saving you hours a day that would otherwise be spent running manual checks and troubleshooting outages and latency issues. As the “shopkeeper” of your organization, automatic health checks make sure you have everything cleaned up day and night, delivering top service to end-users. 

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