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Beyond Unified Communication applications: The next 20 years for GSX

Posted by Antoine Leboyer on Thu, Jan 14, 2016

imgblog20ans.pngThis year is an important one for us. GSX is 20 years old. As our teen-agers kids remind us of and as some older guys like me may remember, we are more mature, full of energy and it is time to have projects. It is a great age and I have the impression to be 20 years old again. So I would like to take a minute of your time to describe what our projects are, what makes us as excited as our 20 year old kids. 
At GSX Solutions, our mission is to create proactive, consolidated monitoring and reporting solutions for collaboration environments. 

From the beginning, we established three principles of operation:

  • First, provide a non-intrusive, agentless architecture to allow for lightness of deployment
  • Second, ensure that we solve the real needs and actual pain points that IT departments face when managing their collaboration and messaging environments
  • Finally, and most importantly, focus on the service delivered to end-users as the real metric in identifying the level of service.

A deep understanding of these needs has helped us to create comprehensive tools for monitoring everything with a business expertize from Exchange to Office 365, SharePoint to Lync, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server to IBM Notes. We do not want to fill this blog with technical jargon but there are many simple tools that gather information so simple to get that it is useless … We are intimately knowledgeable about all of these environments, and know how to retrieve and deliver the kind of information that will make a difference to your day-to-day operations. When we add a new environment and platform, it is because we have thoroughly investigated it to provide you with useful, in-depth information.

But the insights we provide should not be limited to collaboration servers. A strong monitoring and reporting system should be able to monitor everything together — the infrastructure, cloud, networks, applications, VMs, and operating systems — all from a single, unique platform.

We are working on capabilities to empower you with everything you need to:

  1. Deploy fast with the agentless robot user to scan all components impacting unified communication applications;
  2. Monitor every appliance and server, and their network latency that impacts your business critical applications;
  3. Improve the end-user experience and gain insights through reports and forecasts reflecting reality, allowing IT Management to take proactive action.

We are expanding the scope of GSX Monitor & Analyzer to not only assess performance of the application itself, but to monitor all components that might impact the quality of performance of applications.

The early projects we are working on include:

  • Email Security Solutions with IronPort availability and usage monitoring;
  • Network latency diagnostic designed for Office 365 management
  • Load balancing appliances with F5 and Kemp;
  • Databases with SQL and DB2;
  • WebSphere availability & performance management
  • Operating System with Windows Servers;
  • Mobility Servers with Mobile Iron and AirWatch …

This will not only give you full visibility of your environment, but full visibility into generic application performance at every level. This will truly enable you to optimize your applications to maximize productivity and collaboration within your organization.

And of course, it doesn’t stop there. There are many platforms and applications that matter to you for which you need valuable information you can rely and act upon.

Ultimately, we aim to provide our customers with anything and everything they need to ensure that applications will run optimally for end-users.

As experts in Unified Communication performance monitoring, we want to provide the market with a global platform that tracks and troubleshoots any latency, network, OS, database, or infrastructure issues that could impact the applications themselves, and therefore the productivity of large-scale organizations. 

We’re excited to share these developments with you and help define the next generation of performance monitoring!


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