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No pain, no gain for Microsoft Ignite Conference

Posted by Julien Serra on Wed, Apr 22, 2015

vignette1comic6 resized 600Only 2 weeks remaining before the Microsoft Ignite Conference. The GSX team is so excited to attend this major Microsoft event, to meet with you at booth #620 and discuss about all MS Ignite hot topics in line with our solution; productivity and collaboration, mobility, Cloud and unified communications.

This week, like every week over the past 42 days, the GSX #RobotUser is showing Steve a retrospective of his workout evolution. This includes all the effort he's made to arrive at where he is now. However this is not enough… it would be too easy! He decided that Steve should refine his workout with the Mojo “No pain, no gain”.

Watch Steve’s progress over the week and see the entire comic related to our 2 heroes and their funky adventures.

Steve is on the right track to becoming fully trained for #MSIgnite. He had the chance to fulfil the best scenario. Could we call this luck? or is it something else which helped him reach his objectives?

The importance of end-user scenarios

Proactively measure the user experience and ensure that the QoS delivered to business lines is above expectations are our #1 priority. Simulating classic day-to-day tasks like checking the execution time of the critical services is crucial to manage the performance of regular activities for business lines. And guess what? These simulations are done by our well-known coach; the GSX #RobotUser.

But what does the Robot User do precisely?

Let’s take the example of Microsoft Exchange. The GSX #RobotUser is guiding you to conduct specific scenarios to check the execution time of each action that is important when it comes to the availability of your messaging platform such as:

- Create an email
- Create a folder
- Create a task
- Create a meeting
- Download an attachment
- Send an item
- Resolve a user

During the configuration of the scenario, a scanning frequency and a scenario execution time threshold are set up. Scenario results are then triggered accordingly: each time the scenario is scanned, a line is created in the history table with the scenario overall execution time, and the execution time of each step of the sequence.

So, do you really think that Steve’s progress is due to luck? In fact, it is with the help of the GSX #RobotUser, its end-users scenarios and…of course, Steve’s motivation!

To make an analogy between Steve’s progress, the end-users scenarios and GSX products, our goal is to provide IT admins with a unique solution allowing you to manage several Messaging and Collaboration platforms all in one place.

Results of your IT activities…aswell as yours! 

Steve relies on the support of the GSX #RobotUser in addition to his Microsoft Band to measure and compare his performance throughout the weeks. We strongly encourage you to participate to our contest and get a chance to win your own Microsoft Band! Be sure it will help you increase your performance like Steve and reach your wellness objectives by tracking your heart rate, steps, calorie burn and sleep quality. You will become more productive with email previews and calendar alerts, all this at your wrist.

As Steve is very active on social media, spread the word within your community and share your schedule for the Conference to enhance your chances of winning:

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On Twitter: @GSX_Solutions, #RobotUser, #MSIgnite

"Ready to win a #MicrosoftBand for #MSIgnite with @GSX_Solutions and the #RobotUser"

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