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Cloudy with a chance of showers

Posted by Antoine Leboyer on Fri, Jan 16, 2015


I was interviewed by CMS Wire on my predictions for 2015 on the weather forecast, no the cloud sorry.

Just one day after I had send my thoughts and one day before it was published, events caught us by surprise and words got our that Blackberry was in discussion with Samsung for 150% of their market capitalization. While both companies denied the rumors the following day (hint: it is never good when all your team is busy computing the value of their stock options rather than generating real value …) giving one day a 20% 30% increase in stock price followed by a 19% decrease the following day, this showed that Tech M&A will be very busy yet again during 2015 and that as I hinted in this CMS article and in a previous post: BlackBerry has a strategy and is indeed very valuable.

You can see my predictions on this blog and also the other very interresting ones of my peers:

  • Margaret Craig, CEO, Signiant
  • Lakshman Narayanaswamy, Co-Founder and VP of products, Sanovi Technologies
  • Marc Kalman, CEO, Bizlate

So watch both spaces and do not leave the house without your umbrella.

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