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Crédit Agricole's Messaging Migration Success Story

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Thu, Dec 04, 2014

describe the imageSILCA, the IT division of Crédit Agricole, the largest retail banking group in France, had the challenging task of porting 16,000 mailboxes, with a goal of 40,000 by the end of the year, in an effort to optimize costs. It needed a common solution that could track end-user performance and simultaneously monitor, test, report and diagnose problems for both the old Domino environment and the new one with Exchange 2010, as well as Exchange 2013.

The bank had used Quest Spotlight from Dell for monitoring Exchange and GSX’s solution for Domino. But since GSX Solutions offered a multi-platform approach from a single user interface with a click-and-use approach, SILCA decided to use it to monitor the Exchange environments, as well. Administrators found that GSX’s agentless, performance-testing engine enabled them to repeatedly simulate end-user actions to assure that the SLA of 99.9 percent was always reached.

According to Nguyen Vo Tam, IT manager for collaboration tools, the end-user simulation was key. “It really simulates in real-time the major actions of a user. We set this up once at the configuration level and the intuitive, remote GSX user interface gave us access to the health of our applications in seconds—so you instantly know if something does not work as expected.”

Check the full SILCA case study here

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