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Drive User adoption and boost ROI of SharePoint

Posted by Alice Vibert on Mon, Sep 15, 2014

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SharePoint's rapid adoption in the business community has created additional challenges for companies especially within the IT department. Since 2007, Microsoft has done an incredible research work to understand administrators’ main challenges regarding opportunities and threats when managing a collaboration environment successfully.

Is your SharePoint environment working with engaged and satisfied users?
Are you confident about getting optimal returns on your SharePoint investments?
Is it robust, reliable, scalable, compliant, and easy to use?

In addition, many organizations fear the process of migrating from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 as it proves to be difficult unless you want to keep the exact same architecture! Often complicated and involving risks, the migration process could be expensive and not 100% consistent.

Establishing a comprehensive strategy is critical when it comes to managing a successful and highly adopted SharePoint environment. By means, being able to track its performance and latency from a user perspective as well as how it is used. Getting the best out of SharePoint in order to boost the return on investment is an essential metric SharePoint administrators need to track on a regular basis.

Talking about this topic, have you ever heard about SPTechCon in Boston? And why you should attend this event?

The answer is simple: SPTechCon Boston regroups a large collection of the top SharePoint MVPs and expert speakers, with over 80 classes and tutorials to choose from and panels focused on the changes in SharePoint. This will enable you to get key information to act and plan how to master the present and plan for the future for your organization.

Next week from September 16-19, the GSX Solutions and CardioLog Analytics team will be sharing booth #102 . Together with GSX Solutions for SharePoint, our Alliance will show how when combined, the two solutions fill the gap between usage tracking and user performance when using SharePoint.

GSX Solutions and CardioLog Analytics experts will demonstrate:

  • GSX Solutions' monitoring and reporting features on the SharePoint platform and how they provide administrators with relevant alerts and real-time overviews of the services their infrastructures are truly delivering to the business lines;
  • How GSX Monitor & Analyzer tracks the availability, performance and usage of infrastructures in order for emerging issues to be proactively detected before they have a noticeable impact on the business;
  • How CardioLog Analytics enables users to identify crucial data within usage tracking and analytics reports to improve the usability of SharePoint Portals, drives portal engagement and collaboration, boosts ROI and enhances the overall productivity of a business.

The product fit is obvious as we provide a comprehensive solution to SharePoint administrators thanks to relevant metrics and usage reports on SharePoint sites. The reason why we believe in this strong partnership? We both have the same vision: provide professional guidance to optimize and enhance user experience and productivity of the SharePoint environment.

Get your passes and stop by booth #102, you will be able to assist live demos of GSX Monitor & Analyzer for SharePoint to drive user adoption and boost your return on investment.


See you in New England! 

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