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How about monitoring Lync?

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Thu, Aug 07, 2014

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As a matter of facts, Microsoft Lync is becoming more and more critical in large organizations. What used to be a nice tool for sending and receiving Instant Messages  within  an  organization  has  now  become a  key  part  of the communication infrastructure for more and more companies.


Lync 2013 extends its collaboration features to enable conferences between your internal organization and the rest of the world, for example improving presentation sharing drastically. While Lync is used as a new way to present your company to the world, the VOIP features are also enhanced. Voice over IP in peer to peer or using the PSTN network becomes more and more strategic to reduce phone expenses.

The issue is, how to make sure all these features are working? How can you ensure that your users can really send messages, create a web conference, make a VOIP call using the PSTN?GSX Solutions is proud to announce its first Beta for their new Lync 2013 monitoring product. As GSX Solutions already covers Microsoft Exchange & SharePoint 2013, Lync was a natural extension. With GSX Solutions, you will be able to really recreate a users  journey such as:

-Connect a client to the server
- Authenticate him
- Register it
- Display its presence and geographical location to its contact
- Download the address book
- Create, join and use a Web conference
- Send an Instant Message to another user
- Open a conference and send an Instant Message to multiple contacts at the same time
- Use the mobile application to write to other users
- Start a call to a phone user through PSTN
- Start a call to another phone using Lync server and PSTN
- And finally make a pure VOIP call through Lync

Basically, we test all main actions that are done by a Lync user from end to end. As a user, GSX Solutions simulates the entire workflow that adopts a user when using Lync during work. GSX Solutions does not only perform these scenarios over and over again and sends alerts if it is not working. Above all, it provides a proactive monitoring tool that allows you to track the performance of tests and alerts you as soon as this one is going down.Hence you don’t have to wait for your end users to suffer from an impact or to complain. You’ll be alerted in time regarding all performance decreases, and be able to work on problems proactively.

GSX Solutions also provides a very user-friendly reporting tool, which reports on the availability of main Lync services as well as on the performance and availability of each of these tests. By means you can track, during the day, during the week or on a larger scale, if you have peaks of charge. You can verify if your architecture is well sized, and you can make easy reporting on performance and availability, by watching your SLAs in a click and providing automatic reports on it.

Moreover, GSX Solutions brings a set of performance counters, either on real time graph or in consolidated data that helps you forecast your needs for the future.

Stay tuned regarding our Lync 2013 monitoring Beta program as it is coming soon and see how GSX Solutions can really ease your life in Lync administration management!


Find out more about our Beta Program for Lync 2013 monitoring!





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