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Monitoring and Ramping up Office 365 usage

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Wed, Jul 30, 2014

UserRobotGSXAt the recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), speakers revealed the latest Office 365 metrics. Office 365 now presents an annual revenue run rate of $2.5 billion for Microsoft. Sixty percent of all Fortune 500 companies purchased Office 365 in the last 12 months and more than three out of four Office 365 customers are deployed by partners.

However, after suffering two major outages last month, the rapid deployment of Office 365 has re-emphasized the critical need for cloud monitoring. In spite of the clear benefits moving to the cloud offers, there are still risks that can leave an IT team totally blind and helpless in how to fix the complaints experienced by users.

Both Microsoft Lync and Exchange Online recently suffered major North American outages in for almost nine business hours. Since then, details have emerged attributing the outages to a data migration mishap. However, customers were left in the dark during the outages, with their business lines, and businesses, affected.

We all know this could happen again. Even if you define a set of SLA, we are never fully protected.

The point is to keep in mind what could be done proactively to anticipate problems and be prepared. By leveraging the cloud, you can position your IT department as a strategic services broker, which also can lower the bottom line substantially for the entire organization. As businesses eye the cloud to maximize their IT budgets and provide their users with bleeding-edge capabilities, they have to be prepared for possible aftermaths and anticipate what could happen exactly as they did when managing their on-premises environments.
Today, it is clearly becoming more cost-effective and efficient for businesses to move their applications to the cloud. To do this effectively, third-party monitoring tools like GSX Monitor & Analyzer are required to provide true visibility across cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments.

GSX can be perceived as a User Robot that constantly tests the environment from an administrator or a user perspective.
As an administrator, GSX Monitor automatically:

  • Discovers the environment it has to manage
  • Understands & Displays each part with real time status, statistics, and graphs
  • Tests every single critical part of the environment it is working on
  • Detects any potential issues, decrease of performance, and troubleshoots in real time
  • Alerts on any critical & potential issue without spamming

As a User, GSX performs complex test case scenarios that:

  • Use the environment exactly as a user mimicking typical user tasks like opening a mailbox, sending an email or scheduling an event in the calendar
  • Measures and alerts on its availability & performance with alert profiles, connection to supervision tool, based on availability and performance threshold
  • Checks availability and performance of the Executive Mailboxes exactly as an Executive would check it
  • « Complain » / Alerts when the End-User performance is starting to decrease or is not acceptable

GSX User Robot is offering companies that are mulling the switch to the Office 365 cloud ecosystem a preview of the performance that they can expect. It uses Exchange Online from every critical customers' locations.


Moreover, GSX Solutions enables businesses to resolve issues before a planned move to the Office 365 cloud. One of the product's key benefits is the ability to "check the results of a migration before the migration" takes place. For instance, administrators can test how a user in another country would fare under a cloud or hybrid Exchange setup.

With GSX Monitor, IT administrators would have been alerted of performance issues with Office 365 before any significant service disruptions occurred, and with GSX Analyzer, they could have diagnosed the root cause of the performance disruption in order to proactively remediate the issues before the overall business was impacted.

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