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GSX summer reading: the top 10 resources around Office 365

Posted by Philippe Blanchot on Fri, Jul 18, 2014 1 resized 600Summer is the period of the year where you actually take the time to sit down, relax and enjoy a decent book, isn’t it? The same question always comes back to your mind “which books should I read?”

Any help? GSX Solutions is here to keep you busy thanks to valuable contents. It’s easy, simply dive into this list of “must read” below, recommended by our technical experts: see how GSX Solutions can lower the risk of migration to the Cloud while helping you maximize usage of Office 365

-Blog post Cloud or not Cloud? The importance of SLAs 

-Blog Post: 4 misbeliefs associated with migrating to the cloud

-Blog post Teched North America 2014 Keynote - Unleash the Cloud

-Taking a Proactive Approach to Messaging in the Cloud

-Article: Office 365 outages highlight cloud monitoring needs

-Article: GSX Update Eases Office 365 Cloud Migrations

-Quick Video Tour: Get the business value of GSx Solutions in 2 minutes

-Blog post: 5 key Questions IT admin need to know when Migrating to the Office 365

-White Paper: ITs Journey to the Cloud - Moving your Unified Messaging Applications with GSX Solutions

-Blog post: Make Your Journey to the Cloud an Easy One with GSX’s New Version 

-Blog post: GSX Solutions, the tailored solution for smart Exchange migration

 Enjoy the reading, It's refreshingly stimulating!

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