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Make Your Journey to the Cloud an Easy One with GSX’s New Version

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Tue, Jun 10, 2014

describe the imageMaster your IT's journey to the Cloud and keep an eye on the performance delivered to your end-users. 

By leveraging the cloud, you can position your IT department as a strategic services broker, which can lower the bottom line substantially for the entire organization.

Try GSX Monitor & Analyzer and learn how it is the only tool on the market that measures and compares the Exchange service your company provides to your end users.

All the GSX team is really proud to announce the General availability of the New version 10.8 as it serves both our legacy market and new business by providing the IT administrators with the following and much more:

1-Real-time monitoring intuitive dashboard: Full auto-discovery of your Exchange Online organizations. Discover multiple organizations at multiple locations.

describe the image

2- A user robot that processes end-user scenarios to anticipate any potential outages on Office 365. GSX Monitor & Analyzer allows IT administrators to perform synthetic transactions to determine an application’s service levels from an end-user perspective, such as opening a mailbox, creating a folder, performing a task, sending an email, etc. You can also combine different scenarios to focus on a true user simulation and the ability to manipulate objects with Exchange Online.

Exchange scenario settings

3- Multi-station architecture to compare trends, identify bottlenecks, manage alerts and analyze the level of services delivered to users across multiples sites and locations.

4- New collaborative platforms supported with SharePoint 2013 and Sametime 9.

"GSX Monitor & Analyzer continues to evolve in sync with our customers’ needs,” said Antoine Leboyer, CEO of GSX. “More and more organizations are migrating their messaging to the cloud, for both administrative efficiency and reduced costs. When they do, GSX will be at their side, both to smooth the transition and to keep an eye on operations when running in the cloud.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.8 is the only tool on the market that measures and compares the Exchange service your company provides to your end users. It provides you with in-depth custom scenarios which not only test the performance and availability of your environment, but allows you to simulate a user in day-to-day actions.

It gives you a unique ability to:

  • View and compare the service delivered to your users from multiple sites
  • Detect problems on any site within your organization
  • Prepare and secure your migration from your previous messaging system to Exchange Online

GSX Monitor & Analyzer goes beyond a simple monitoring and reporting tool as it:

  • Guarantees the success of your migration
  • Guarantees the users’ satisfaction and adoption of the cloud
  • Decreases your number of support calls and associated costs
  • Provides critical information on the quality of the infrastructure and services delivered

If you want to have more information eWeek published a very good post that allows you to understand the business case for this new version:

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