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Teched North America 2014 Keynote - Unleash the Cloud

Posted by Olivier Raynaut on Tue, May 13, 2014

Microsoft Teched 2014

Another 10'000 attendees made the move this year for the exciting TechEd conference happening in Houston Texas. Everybody was wondering what Microsoft was going to focus on during this keynote (kind of…).

Soon enough Brad Anderson, Microsoft Corporate VP Cloud & Enterprise, showed up on stage to tell us how excited he was about TechEd 2014, Satya Nadella being CEO, and the latest Microsoft improvements. Obviously we have heard about the mobile devices, the Cloud, Big Data knowing that the new mojo of Nadella is "Mobile First, Cloud First" but here are some of the headlines:

Cloud attributesCloud Azure

Anderson demonstrated how Microsoft was the best possible Cloud solution provider given the following required Cloud attributes:

  • Hyper Scale
  • Enterprise proven
  • Hybrid

As they mentioned, the IT has to use and take advantages of the Cloud, whether public or private, as long as they choose the right Cloud provider.

Azure for a perfect Hybrid

Microsoft Azure is now deployed in 16 different regions and serves about 2 billion authentications world-wide every day. Major improvements are being deployed currently:

  • Azure Site Recovery
    • Can easily map a full network to Azure in order to provide recovery solutions from the Cloud. Automatically fail-over VMs (including Linux) with easy failover testing.
  • Azure AD
    • Can now connect On-premise AD to Cloud Azure AD.
  • Azure Rights Management
    • Multiple reports available including a dashboard of geographical distributed sign-on, so that if users were connecting in France and two minutes later in the USA you could visualize it and take actions.
  • Cloud App Discovery preview
    • A survey has shown that 80% of the enterprise end users are using unapproved apps. Thanks to Cloud App Discovery you can see what are the top apps being deployed on enterprise devices.
  • Azure Redis Cache preview
  • ExpressRoute
    • An Azure service built with different providers including AT&T, Verizon, BT to provide private, reliable, secure and fast connections over the Internet.
  • API Management preview
    • Powerful tool to dynamically generate API, with out-of-the-box features for caching, API permissions, examples to consumers, and much more.
API Management Azure


Common Windows Runtime now available in Visual Studio 2013 update 2 allows to have a single project for all Windows platforms.

For the Mobile application development Microsoft showed a project able to produce multiple devices platforms by combining HTML and Javascript. They also introduced ASP.NET vNext that will be targeted to be “Agile”, “Fast”, and “Open”. They shared some insights about “Visual Studio Online” that has now over a million users and provided 99.9% SLA during the past year.

Overall this TechEd Keynote has demonstrated the latest Microsoft improvements throughout their range of products, and especially the new tools available to IT pros, developers and en users. Constantly ensuring that the Cloud keeps growing in order to provide more services and flexibility to the enterprise world, as long as you go with Microsoft of course.

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