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GSX Solutions, the tailored solution for smart Exchange migration

Posted by Alice Vibert on Tue, Apr 22, 2014

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Archiving information either for regulatory or business purposes is essential to maintain your business up and running. With the new trends of Cloud and Big data, archiving is just a "Must Have" solution to consider in order to keep your data safe.

Moving archived data to a public Cloud saves costs linked to storage of infrastructure. Up-front costs are minimal, ongoing costs are predictable and all management and system upgrades are managed by the Cloud provider. 


The growing amount of threats coming from phishing and malware attacks force IT departments to focus primarily on protecting endpoints. A Cloud security solution allows IT staff members to move on from managing security servers and concentrate their work on projects that provide more differential value to the organization and often results in greater job satisfaction.

Given that a growing proportion of the working population is mobile, security for 
these employees can be challenging. Cloud security capabilities can provide a high level of protection for these employees, many of who use outsider resources that are much less secure than their in-office counterparts. 

In other words, Cloud security capabilities should seriously be considered again to make sure your data safe. This is why GSX Solutions and GWAVA joined their strenghths and come-up with possibilities to overcome this challenge.

A joint Webinar on the following subject: GSX Solutions, the tailored solution for smart Exchange migration, is available On Demand covering:

  • GSX Solutions Overview
  • Why Companies Migrate to the Cloud?
  • Why Migration is Not Always an Easy Process
  • Monitoring the Main Challenges During a Migration
  • GSX Solutions’ Value
  • Questions & Answers

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