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Become a GSX Beta Tester for Exchange 2013 and Exchange Online

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Tue, Nov 19, 2013

describe the imageBe the first to try GSX's latest software - become a GSX beta tester and help to improve GSX Products.

The goal of our Beta Program is to collect information regarding the performance, quality, stability, and functionality of new products before they are released to the marketplace. Beta Customers must agree to use pre-release products of their own work in a real world environment using their anticipated workflows and report their findings back to GSX. Beta sites are intended to help complement the ongoing, internal testing performed at GSX, and help us put together more solid, robust products that everyone can benefit from.

GSX is continuously looking for Beta testers and several types of production environments.

Below is a general guideline of how the Beta process normally takes place...


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GSX provides you with unique solutions to track the Performance and Availability of Exchange 2013 and Exchange Online.

Be a part of our worldwide Beta Program by playing with the new 10.7 Beta version, Start Now!

Below some of the new features in this version, you can access the full features here:

  • Auto-discovery on the entire Exchange organization
  • Root Cause analysis Optimization 
  • Guarantees High Availability of the Mailbox Databases within the DAG at all times and the health status of the replication system.
  • Monitors the services at the server level, Mailbox Database level, Transport level, Protocol level and DAG level.
  • Spot Check Reports have a global overview on your Exchange organization in terms of mailboxes and public folders. You can have reports on mailbox characteristics and public folders.
  • Mail Routing simulates complex email flows in and out of Exchange on-prem and Exchange Online. Retrieve emails using POP, IMAP or Exchange Web Services.
  • Monitors multiple organizations in different forests from a single monitoring station.

What's next?

  • Enter the Beta Program by filling the form here
  • Get your Beta Program Road Book to see all new features available, check pre-requisites and be ready for the testing
  • Download the Beta Version and install it in your environment
  • Set a Support call to help you with the Install process
  • Enter a drawing to win a Microsoft Tablet Surface!

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