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Microsoft Partners are Joining Forces to Create Essential Tools for End Users

Posted by Joshua woodall on Thu, Oct 24, 2013

gsx gwava microsoftpartner msp resized 600We arrived in Kassel (Germany) earlier this week for the DPK 2013 German Microsoft Partners conference - we like to call it a “mini WPC”. GSX was proud to be a sponsor of this year's event, as it's a great place to network and speak with potential Partners. It was a great turnout, there were about 1600 attendees this year...That's 400 more than last year!

We shared our booth with one of our Alliance Partners, GWAVA. They have a great team and it was a pleasure to work with them. The more the merrier!

As usual, the event started with some interesting key notes. It was an opportunity for us to learn about new exciting Partner news. Did you know that there are more than 38,000 Microsoft Partners in Germany now? That's huge! Microsoft discussed their top 4 “megatrends”, which we had learned about at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston: Mobile Internet, Big Data, Cloud and Social Communication. Each of these "megatrends" significantly impact the way we communicate, work, generate goods and services, and they are all interconnected. It's definitely something businesses must keep in mind to stay inline with the market demands.

Another great reason for attending Microsoft Partner events is to see how creative other Microsoft Partners are by providing new services to their clients. Our industry is constantly evolving, and it's so important that we continue to evolve as well! Each new event or discussion is an incredible resource for ideas and propositions to package new services into our solutions.

Finding how a company will fit into a Partner's business model is never the same as a previous Partner you have worked with. It's essential to find how you can offer them a real added value to their services, and visa versa. When we have this type of discussion with a potential Partner, the main goal always ends up being about the final end user. In the end, what's a business without happy customers?

The feedback that we received this week from other Microsoft Partners provided us with some key elements we think are important to highlight that exist in our value proposition for our customers:

  • First of all, we ease the transition to a new platform, for example on Exchange 2013 or Office 365
  • No more fears around service availability and performance in Hybrid environments
  • Our solution helps prove the quality of the service to the Business Line
  • Gives accurate metrics and proof of the performance and quality of services to each business line - thus, increasing end-user satisfaction
  • We optimize and decrease costs on your infrastructure and management
  • Easy way to maximise ROI of the Exchange infrastructure, reports for consolidation, optimization, health checks, etc.

These events really help us grow not only our network, but also our points of view. It's important to constantly be aware of what's going on in the Microsoft Partner network and learn about the latest needs of other Partners as well as our end-customers.

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