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SharePoint User Frustration Leads to Heavy Lack of Security

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Thu, Oct 03, 2013

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Collaboration Systems for SharePoint are becoming increasingly critical for business processes, for example, on projects coordinated in collaborative workspaces and real-time interactions facilitated via presence-based instant messaging systems and online meeting services.

Let’s face it; while there are many ways for IT Professionals to prove their collaboration environment is up-and-running, it’s ultimately the end-user that passes the final judgment. If it isn't working properly for end-users, such as too much downtime, they will be frustrated and begin using other platforms like Dropbox to share important information. It's essential to realize that an end user's main concern is not going to be focused on the security risks, they are focused on convenience. The results of not focusing on end users will create unsecure platforms where IT departments have absolutely no control and the list of issues that will frustrate your SharePoint users will be immense...

Using a tool like we offer, Admins are able to leverage, track and be alerted when thresholds have been exceeded (when uploading documents, creating blog posts, sites, etc.). The major benefit of using this kind of solution is to allow Admins to find solutions before receiving complaints, improve user experience and make their environment more secure.

Some of the largest organizations in the world rely on GSX to ensure that their collaboration environments are reliable and working efficiently. GSX's monitoring solution is based on users, giving insight on what’s really going on from a user’s perspective. This approach allows the IT team focus their time on the current status of collaboration services for users—instead of only IT-centric metrics, such as server uptime.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer constantly monitors the performance of a SharePoint infrastructure and provides pinpoint alerts that enable Administrators to head off emerging issues before they impact the business.

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