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Traveler High Availability: The Answer to Managing BYOD Users

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Wed, Oct 02, 2013
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High Availability, initially implemented in 2012, is one of the major focuses and improvements within the latest release of Traveler 9.

Traveler device requests are now spread across the service database pool with a Load Balancer before finally landing onto Domino mail servers.

This is a significant improvement from the standalone server method of sending device requests (sent straight to the Traveler server and then onto the Domino mail servers). The Traveler HA Pool is self-managed amongst a cluster of nodes. It's clear that these enhancements are focused on improving the overall performance of the tool.

We have concluded that this version offers both Traveler users and Administrators much more control than ever before. High Availability is a strategic approach for Admins with users who have multiple devices that need to be managed and well synchronized.

The BYOD trend can result in security, device management and availability nightmares for Traveler HA Developers and Administrators, especially when each employee has up to five devices (including company and personal smartphones, tablets and laptops accessing multiple servers).

GSX Solutions believes that Traveler 9 offers many valuable and powerful administration tools for its users by focusing on high availability, accessibility and productivity.
The new GSX Monitor & Analyzer release helps Administrators better manage the delivery of 
services to end-users by providing:

  • User Alerts: GSX Monitor now manages your Traveler pools. From the Main view, Traveler rows can have split LEDs: one half for the status of the server itself and the other half for the status of the pool.

    Two different types of alerts are possible:

    • Admins can be alerted when one of the user’s devices has not been synchronized during a certain period of time
    • Admins can be alerted when all devices from one user have not been synchronized during a certain period of time
  • Traveler HA Statistics: When viewing the statistics section of the pool, you can see the server as a member in the pool and view its status. This view will show the last error on the server and the status of the 3 main components that determine the status of the pool:
    • High Availability Service
    • SQL Database
    • IP Sprayer

IBM Traveler has been spreading rapidly and many businesses rely heavily on it thanks to its quick access to email, calendars and contacts from mobile devices or tablets.

Our monitoring tool for Traveler HA is completely integrated with the GSX suite of products. It follows the same logic we used in the past and it's very simple for a Traveler user to understand.

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