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Getting Started with PowerShell, Speed Up the Learning Curve

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Mon, Sep 30, 2013

BAWSUGFor all Exchange Administrators, PowerShell is a very powerful language that requires some expertise to really benefit from it. 

We have been working for some time now on educating our IT readership around Powershell by providing them with valuable content to leverage their knowledge and speed up the learning curve. 

To provide even more to the educational process, GSX Solutions is sponsoring the October Windows Boston meeting this week at the Microsoft HQ in Cambridge, MA. This meeting will discuss all things PowerShell and include a presentation from Arnaud Buonaccorsi, Microsoft Technical Specialist at GSX Solutions. He will present: "How to Automate Main PowerShell Cmdlets to Track the Health of an Exchange Environment".
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The Windows Server Group is run by volunteers and is a professional association, which encourages exchanging knowledge on all aspects of the Windows Server Technology between IT Professionals to help deploy Windows Server Technologies. Find our more about the group on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

PowerShell Reading List

For even more information, we have put together the following list of popular resources and technical hot topics on PowerShell for Exchange:

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