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Optimize Your Messaging Infrastructure

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Thu, Aug 15, 2013

microsoft exchange sharepoint blackberry ibm server monitoring reporting tool solutionExchange, SharePoint and IBM servers are powerful messaging and collaboration platforms. But sometimes they can become overburdened by their own capabilities.

Today we're going to talk about how to get the most out of your environment and maximize the Return on Investment.

Infrastructure Optimization is more than a service, it is a project that involves multiple types of services that need to be conducted:

  • Assessing the infrastructure
  • Checking the health of the platforms
  • Storage management
  • Identifying potential issues and bottlenecks
  • Comparing the environments with Microsoft or IBM best practices
  • Recommending changes
  • Implementing the changes
  • Conducting stress tests
  • Validating the new architecture

During this process, you will have to make multiple interactions between each of these points. They are all critical to complete the project and it's important to make sure you have the right tools for every step of the way.

When assessing your environment, it would be counterproductive to add something to the environment on Exchange, SharePoint, BlackBerry and IBM servers.

A tool that puts little to no impact on the server is ideal in order to measure the performance on a single user’s actions or all users at once. You want a tool that can automatically ask the server for information on all of your servers, discover how they are organized, see how many servers are in the CAS Array or DAG, find how many SQL servers are attached to the SharePoint environment, web front-end servers, application servers, etc. 

The time you will save is considerable and the impact on your environment will be massive.

Here's how a Proactive Tool Tests Your Environment and Retrieves Insight by Acting like a User: 

  • For Exchange: Sending emails, connecting to mailboxes in multiple ways, performing auto discoveries, MAPI connectivity, etc.
  • For SharePoint: Using Web services, uploading and downloading documents, creating blog posts, meetings, sites, accessing sites, etc.
  • For Blackberry: Using BlackBerry services, sending and receiving mail, synchronizing calendars and mailboxes, detecting any problems with VIP, etc.
  • For IBM Servers: opening sessions, performing mail routing, replications, testing the agents, synchronizing Traveler, creating Sametime meetings, etc.

Statistics, Historical Trends and Forecasting

Collecting statistics is useful. Presenting them is even better.

Performance and Usage statistics will give you the key information on how servers are used to help you conduct capacity planning and forecasting. To do this right, an automatic tool is the best way to collect the information without impacting your customer’s environment. 

You shouldn't have to run any scripts on the server. You don’t need to develop specific reports…Find out how you can have all of this with GSX Monitor & Analyzer.

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