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Remote Monitoring Made Easy

Posted by on Tue, Aug 06, 2013

remotemontioringexchangesharepointscom resized 600Remote Monitoring (RMON) is a standard monitoring specification that enables various network monitors and console systems to exchange monitoring data.

Whether you’re an experienced IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) or an hourly rate "one man shop", remote monitoring is a critical topic that can be difficult to manage and sometimes very expensive.

There are a few tools available on the market to help you significantly improve your operational productivity and efficiency by leveraging the power of IT management.

GSX's agentless tool is specifically designed to check the performance and usage of Exchange, SharePoint, Lotus and BlackBerry applications remotely and from a single location with GSX Monitor & Analyzer. Additionally, this solution is a great resource for tracking a migration.

Remote monitoring and maintenance from GSX Monitor & Analyzer gives you a key advantage in messaging and collaboration projects because customers can trust that you will deliver a service that is critical to have in their business.

GSX Partners can offer different levels of services to their clients:

  • Basic Remote Monitoring: Sets up the tool on the customer's site or directly on site to automatically check the health of the environment by receiving alerts when issues occur. Help your client do what they really want: troubleshoot services, optimize the performance if needed, on site or remote assistance, etc.
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance: Provide monitoring services and manage the maintenance required by your clients. You will be warned of potential problems in advance to be able to address the issue before it impacts the end-users. Customers will have nothing to do except simply use the platform.
  • Full Service Delivery: You will constantly have an eye on the health and performance of their environment. This allows you to focus on the level of service provided to the customer while following the SLA approach. In this case, your end customers will pay more to have a guarantee of the availability levels that you can provide with all of the capabilities of our monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Add-On’s: Some Partners offer their customers access to our reporting tool, GSX Analyzer. This reporting tool can be accessed per profile and allows you to generate customized reports, see the platform availabilities and check for usage metrics at the server, user or group of users levels. This service can be sold on top of the other tools, as it provides the end customers with valuable reports on their environment.

Since your customer’s needs are constantly changing within their environments, they will periodically require Infrastructure and usage audits to make well-informed decisions on budgeting.

GSX Monitor offers you full control over performance, availability and usage in your environment. You can forecast the needs of your users based on historical trends, which makes you the best resource to help your customers make smart decisions on migration, IT optimization, budget planning, etc.

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