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Cloud, BYOD and SQL Server Announcements from TechEd Europe

Posted by Yann Baudic on Wed, Jul 03, 2013

microsoft-techedeurope2013Did you miss TechEd Europe 2013? Here’s an overview from my week in Madrid.

Before we start...If you are interested in reading some highlights from TechEd North America 2013, I have listed a few below:

Now, let's get started! Microsoft really put a strong emphasis on the Cloud throughout the week. There are some really interesting new innovations coming out and here’s what you need to know:

  • Microsoft is now talking about Cloud OS
  • Cloud optimization is a priority for businesses
  • Windows Azure Pack will allow you to get consistency across the board: running servers in the Cloud or On Premises will now look exactly the same

They discussed how Microsoft is leveraging several trends and features to really push the Cloud to the Enterprise using Windows OS:

  • BYOD has really become embedded in the industry and they are finding better ways to manage it
  • Simple and easy Data Sync will be available on all devices, allowing us to work from everywhere and on any device
  • HyperV Recovery Manager will facilitate DR and/or HA
  • You can now script any HyperV Recovery Manager Fail Over scenario using PowerShell
  • Remote PowerShell can allow you to add VHDs in Azure

On top of that, Microsoft ensured that developers will have easy access to the Cloud:

  • MSDN subscriptions will allow you to run up to 4 VMs in the Azure Cloud free for almost one year
  • Azure is now billing by the minute instead of by the hour

Finally, drastic improvements have been made on performance. Costly projects in the past will now be significantly less expensive now that we can take advantage of our existing infrastructure:

  • JBOD is the “new thing” allowing you to leverage cheap storage
  • Microsoft is now (surprisingly) embracing Linux rather than fighting it by providing tools to manage Linux VMs in HyperV Manager
  • SQL 2014 has dramatic performance improvements that will help with “Big Data” projects
  • GeoFlow for Excel has incorporated features to support “Big Data” 
Let me know which features you are looking forward to the most! 

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