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TechEd 2013: Improvements for SharePoint, Exchange and SCOM

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Tue, Jun 11, 2013
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This past week at TechEd North America flew by so fast! It was great to see familiar faces and make so many new contacts at the show. The sessions were really valuable and we learned about a lot of new exciting releases to look forward to.

Our "I Wish…Microsoft" social competition was a big hit and we had two lucky winners walk away with a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 and a Windows Surface! The purpose for this campaign was to really learn what you, IT specialists, need that’s missing from the current line up of solutions for Microsoft messaging and collaboration environments. With the extensive feedback we received on SharePoint, Exchange, SCOM and other common IT headaches, we will now be able to improve our solutions based on what interests you the most!

The most common wishes we received at TechEd 2013 were on the topics of Exchange and SharePoint. I have listed some of these wishes below if you are interested in learning more. To see the most recent wishes, just go on Twitter and search #iwishmsft!

Wishes for Exchange

  • Reporting capabilities in SCOM
  • I would like to see more connectivity between Exchange and SharePoint
  • Better reporting on Exchange
  • Easier to migrate to Exchange 2013
  • Monitor and configure our whole infrastructure in 1 single application
  • For a better reporting tool for Exchange and Lync
  • Simplified group management in active directory
  • Microsoft databases supported a higher size than 2 terrabytes
  • Exchange would think with Outlook and Lync seamlessly
  • Exchange had an online web portal for management
  • You could track message flows better
  • Easy way to create dashboards
  • Exchange, CRM and SP could play together nicely for a change
  • Seamless deployment cycle
  • Public folders could be easier to migrate
  • SQL Exchange storage management was more straightforward

Wishes for SharePoint

  • SharePoint could be a bit easier
  • Better performance on SharePoint         
  • Applications on the SharePoint cloud were easier to deploy
  • SharePoint 2013 played nicely with Exchange 2010
  • For the SharePoint User Interface to be more end-user centric and not focused on Admins
  • SQL back up on SharePoint
  • To develop SharePoint more easily
  • Better compatibility with SharePoint on new Microsoft devices
  • Search on SharePoint could have learning capabilities
  • There was a better back up API for SharePoint without NBC
  • Easier for sharing data/asset management on SharePoint
  • Better permission management in SharePoint

Wishes for SCOM 

  • To see SCOM in Windows Azure 
  • Setting up alert automation was an easier task 
  • System Center had better reporting capabilities
  • Easy to setup with an improved learning curve
  • A better User Interface 
  • SCOM would provide Dashboard for mobile devices 
  • Better migration from 2007 to 2012 
  • Better security error reporting 
  • Creation of a Management Pack was easier and streamlined 
  • PHP monitoring 
  • Less alerts overloads
  • App virtualization for third party tools in SCOM 

Wishes for IT Management 

  • For a better HyperV tool 
  • Easy SQL Management 
  • Flexible reporting 
  • Free live migration on HyperV
  • We could manage users with Admin rights and without Admin rights 
  • For less in house developed apps 
  • Easier to manage cloud identity thanks to a more customized sync engine 
  • Microsoft would support XP for one more year 
  • BYOD was fully implemented 
  • We could go to version 2012 and not support Wind XP anymore 
  • SQL server on Linux 
  • Enterprise Dashboards were easier to create 
  • Manage VMware and Microsoft inside of the same console 
  • For seamless connection everywhere 
  • Simplified SQL clustering 
  • Easy User Interface development capabilities in Visual Studio 

We will be creating a new blog series exploring the wishes we have collected to provide you with some valuable feedback in the next coming weeks. 

Do any of these wishes resonate with you? Tell us what you think are the most important issues for IT specialists in the comments below! 

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