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GSX Mission and How It's Accomplished

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Tue, May 28, 2013

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With years of experience and customer feedback, GSX has identified the key services that servers should deliver to the end user - keeping your business up and running. From its inception more than 16 years ago to its most recent major announcement of version 10.5, GSX Solutions continues to raise the bar in addressing client needs in a way that others have yet to uncover.

The GSX experience starts from the moment you try it. It only takes one installation onto a GSX Monitor client to begin monitoring multiple servers regardless of the platform in use. There's no need to patch or upgrade all the servers in the system, as one GSX Monitor station can oversee multiple platforms at the same time on Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, IBM applications, and BlackBerry among others. GSX is non-intrusive as it offers you the convenience of an agentless solution, giving you the ability to be proactive and use your time more efficiently.

Once the product is installed, it is easy for a company to claim that they can monitor and report on your servers effectively, including all associated services for delivery to your end users. However, GSX takes monitoring one step further. With GSX, it is not enough to just know that your server is up and running.

Here’s the important question: Is your solution delivering the quality of service that your end users expect? GSX's unique, user-centric approach for server monitoring does not simply check for the availability and performance of servers, it also analyzes the situation from the client's perspective. Servers might be running, but if they are overworked they can delay the user's activities. Therefore, traditional monitoring devices for server diagnosis do not offer enough to make sure the environment is free from risk.

gsx analyzerAdditionally, GSX is an all-in-one server solution that offers both analysis and monitoring capabilities. After years of experience, GSX found out that 20% of enterprises servers are dedicated to messaging and collaboration applications which are becoming increasingly critical.

Lastly, GSX Monitor and Analyzer's integrated reporting and diagnostic tool works like an additional Systems Administrator in your company. The Reporting solution aggregates all data collected by GSX Monitor and extracts patterns to predict possible shortcomings in different aspects of the messaging servers. Adding to GSX's user-friendliness is an intuitive web-based reporting interface for dashboard-style reporting. This can easily be configured to send alerts to your designated personnel at a scheduled, predetermined time.

GSX Solutions is committed to empowering its clients to maximize their messaging servers in the most convenient way possible. Check out our customers’ testimonials to better understand the value proposition of our solution from an end user's perspective!  

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