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Weekly Hot Topics: Creating Apps for SharePoint

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Tue, Apr 30, 2013

describe the imageA "Hot Topic" from the past week that I would like to discuss is the growing popularity of developing apps for SharePoint. 

IT Developers...Got some free time? You can now create apps using any web standards with your favorite web development tools and any hosting environment to run and deploy apps across various applications. This includes Word, Excel, Exchange, Outlook and SharePoint. What's convenient for developers is the fact that they can use any technical language they are comfortable with to write these apps using html, javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS, C+, etc. 

The purpose of apps for SharePoint is to fill the gaps in our everyday, professional lives to make work processes a little easier with apps for email, spreadsheets, documents and more. This offers you the ability to personalize and extend the possibilities of the way we gather and use information on an daily basis.

Microsoft has put together various videos to help you visualize and get inspired for your own app.

So, how can you create an app? It all depends on how you would like to approach it. Here is a great resource to learn anything and everything about creating your app for SharePoint. 

Feel like you don't know where to start? Download some code samples (URL not valid anymore) developed specifically for SharePoint apps. 

I just browsed through the app store and there were some really great options if you are interested in simply downloading an app rather than designing one yourself. One of the most popular ones was the “Resource Planner from DQ Consulting AB”. This app is a tool for HR Departments and Consultant Managers, giving them an overview of what the staff/consultants/resources have been engaging with recently and gives you insight for future planning. With "Resource Planner", you can manage resources, activities, tags, categories and have a visual calendar presentation of resource activities. It's a bit pricey, but there are so many other apps available for much less, and many that are completely free!

Do you have an idea for a cool, new app and want to make some money off it? Go check out Microsoft's website to learn more on how to get started

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