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Solutions for Exchange, SharePoint and Power Shell Headaches

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Wed, Apr 24, 2013

iwishmicrosoft gsxsolutionsToday I would like to share the first round of results from our “I Wish…Microsoft” campaign with you. This project has been a huge success and we will continue to collect and share your wishes at TechED North America and TechED Europe, as well as throughout the remainder of 2013.

For those of you who do not know about “I Wish…Microsoft”, it is a project that was created for IT professionals to voice what new solutions they would love to see that could improve the way they can work within Exchange, SharePoint, Power Shell and IT Management.

Based on the results of this campaign, we plan on creating new solutions based on precisely what you, IT specialists, want and need to improve your everyday IT headaches. At MMS 2013, SCOM took an overwhelming majority of wishes…Over 50%!

Some major topics included enhanced monitoring and reporting, easier management packs, better dashboards, simplified configuration, improved backup and recovery tools, and synced reporting across multiple platforms. Check out more feedback from participants below.

Here are some of the wishes for SCOM:

  • Easier, user-friendly reporting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Global monitoring
  • Easier configuration
  • Better wizards
  • Improved dashboards
  • New management packs to benefit the complex learning curve
  • Improved alerting
  • Create improved analysis
  • Help desk needs to be opened on other OS


  • Create easier management packs
  • Better mailbox management
  • Centralized reporting for messaging statistics
  • Alerting system with more details and summaries
  • Self-reporting based on group/region use and other useful flow statistics
  • Improved management packs
  • Better monitoring
  • Enlarged PST’s (so they do not corrupt with backup software)
  • Windows 8 and Outlook touching interfaces
  • Insight on performance issues
  • Information on High Availability
  • Single instance storage back up and seamless item recovery


  • Better management packs
  • Improved backup
  • Easier deployment of SharePoint Administrator (monitoring from SCOM is too painful!)
  • Improved recovery
  • Easier to develop
  • Simpler Publish Wizard
  • Should work in other browsers besides Internet Explorer

IT Management

  • Easier 3rd party product integration and management
  • Unified management packs
  • More automation
  • Better apps to view reporting and usage metrics
  • Improved software deployment tools
  • More integration with other technologies
  • Microsoft should add more apps for phones
  • Monitoring viewable on desktop
  • Application portal via Service Manager
  • More cross platform support
  • Automation of server deployment
  • Reporting on logs
  • Return backwards compatibility for Windows 8
  • Out of the box reporting solution for Opps Manager
  • More robust GUI

Our goal is to gather as much insight as possible and share our solutions with the Microsoft community. We want to know what your greatest needs are to offer a product that offers IT Managers exactly what they need. What IT professional wouldn’t want a more tailored experience compared to mainstream solutions?

Do you see a wish you made at MMS 2013? Did this article mention some IT struggles that you deal with on a daily basis? Leave us a comment about your Exchange, SharePoint, SCOM and other IT headaches! And stay tuned…


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